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Melina Figueroa, one of the best natural fitness athletes in Mexico

After a strong illness, physical conditioning became a passion that managed to save his life

TIJUANA, Baja California, July 20, 2023.- Melina Figueroa is a champion in the world of fitness. Also, an example of improvement as well as a source of inspiration for many. Actress, host, fitness coach, trainer, athlete and mom. She was recently nominated as one of the best natural fitness athletes in Mexico.

After a strong illness, fitness became a passion that managed to save his life. Later, during her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which brought with it weight gain, muscle pain, extreme tiredness, and forgetfulness. A second pregnancy arrives and the situation repeats itself.

When she had her second baby, she set the goal of returning to the stage and beginning her preparation, with continuous training at night that ends until dawn, few hours of sleep, but without neglecting follow-up studies for the disease.

Melina mentioned that she took her diagnosis as a challenge and decided to accept it as a test of life, so she started her training to compete again. She assured that the most difficult thing is to achieve a balance between her objectives with the different areas and aspirations.

He pointed out that achieving his goals brings great satisfaction. In recent days, she was part of a competition in Mexico and by winning, she obtained a pass to the world championships, where athletes of international stature will compete. On this occasion, she will travel with the Mexican federation on behalf of Mexico and, in case of victory, she will obtain the title.

To conclude, he explained that sometimes receiving diagnoses of compromised health makes you stronger and leads you to improve, when the bad news is received, not everything is lost, since everything can be solved, regardless of the time it takes .

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