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Mental Wellness Wednesday | 3 science-based tips to get of the Happiness Treadmill

Get off the Happiness Treadmill

The pursuit of happiness can cause you stress and anxiety – the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. Researchers call this the Happiness/Hedonic treadmill. We keep chasing happiness, but will return to our personal emotional baseline

3 science-based tips to get of the Happiness Treadmill


Express gratitude for what you do have, instead of what you don’t have. Studies show that expressing gratitude activates the memory center (hippocampus) and the amydgala (emotional brain), which can make you feel happier; and remember more happy memories.

2.Values not Goals

While goals are important, they are outcome-driven. When you focus on Values, you connect with what is important to you, what is emotionally salient

3. Accept; don’t avoid

There is a tendency to think of Feelings as “good” or “bad”, and as a result we may avoid expressing how we feel. Practice being an Observer, where you can accept that you are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, instead of avoid those feelings. Acceptance is the first step in helping us choose positive ways to act.

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