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Mental Wellness Wednesday | 3 tips to show love this Love Season

1. Hug it out.

Research demonstrated that for both men and women they have lower stress levels when a supportive partner hugs them for 20 seconds (Stress levels measured by blood and saliva samples)


*Posture: The way you open up your arms to create space that could be instrumental in reducing your cortisol levels. *Feedback loop: the more affection is expressed, the more it is reciprocated, and the more invested a couple feels in the relationship.

2. Use the Magic Ratio.

The Magic Ratio is a 5:1 ratio of positive interactions to negative interactions. For every ` negative comment or feeling, there should be 5 positive ones between you and your partner.

3. See your partner with rosy colored glasses.

The positive illusory bias makes you more likely to view your partner in a favorable light. As a result, you become more willing to communicate and accommodate each other


Researchers have found that long-term romantic love shows similar brain activation to areas that are used to manage pain and even depression. This means that experiencing love can be a powerful pain reliever!

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