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Mercadona invents a ‘fitness’ sausage that you can eat if you are on a diet

Mercadona invents a ‘fitness’ sausage that you can eat if you are on a dietFreepik – Timoline

Mercadona is a supermarket that is increasingly committed to healthy products. The chain’s catalog continues to fill up with new items low in fat or sugar to respond to all those people who are trying lose a few extra pounds or are on a diet by medical prescription.

Accompanied by this policy, the distributor has increased the presence of fresh and local products: quality fruits, vegetables and vegetables produced by local farmers who help the chain’s customers to lead an increasingly healthy and balanced life.

On the other hand, Mercadona has launched a range of protein-enhanced fitness products They are ideal for all consumers who want to do a plus of exercise.

Mercadona ‘light’ cold meat

Among the novelties of Mercadona, a few days ago, they included a new type of meat that is sweeping supermarket customers. Now, Juan Roig’s company has launched a healthy cold cut which is perfect for all those people who are on a diet, but do not want to deprive themselves of a gastronomic whim from time to time.

the sausage is one of the types of meat that provides the most calories and fatTherefore, when the nutritionist proposes a weekly hypocaloric menu, the first thing he recommends is that we do without this type of food.

Now, Mercadona has released a type of sausage that comes to replace the more caloric chorizo, salchichón or fuet: Extra Imperial turkey sausage from the Hacendado brand. This product preserves the excellent flavor of sausage products, but it is much healthier and easier to combine with a balanced diet.

Mercadona’s Extra Imperial Turkey Sausage is a ‘light’ cold cut‘ which provides only 307 calories per 100 grams (when the classic pork sausage provides 449 kcal), it is also low in saturated fat. Although it is still an ingredient that we should eat in moderation if we are thinking of losing a little weight, it is much more compatible with the nutritional proportions that we should follow in a weekly diet.

This healthy sausage It can be consumed as a ‘snack’ to snack between meals, as an ingredient for a main dish or in a sandwich added to other vegetables or dressings that respect the diet. It is sold in Mercadona for €3.76 per piece of 235 grams.

Mercadona turkey sausage

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