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Mercadona launches new ‘fitness’ tortillas to lose weight

Mercadona launches new ‘fitness’ tortillas to lose weight

In Mercadona’s search to expand its catalog of products for people who take care of their diet, the chain has developed a whole new range of protein-enhanced products (+Protein) ranging from yogurt to toast. Anyone who has been in a gym or who is taking care of their diet knows that they should increase the intake of this nutrient to transform fat into muscle, in the case of hypopressive diets, or to increase muscle mass.

But the distributor has not resigned itself to proteins, another of Mercadona’s big bets It has been the pasteurized egg white, the edamame and soy mix or the guacamole. Oats and their derivatives have also always been among the Mercadona products that are perfect for losing weight.

A few months ago, ‘crunchy’ oat cereals became popular, so much so that the supermarket sold more than 14,000 boxes a day during the ‘boom’ of this product. The bet of this article was to become a perfect complement to mix with fruit, nuts, milk or yogurt. The great benefit of these cereals was the contribution of healthy nutrients, the low presence of sugar (5%) and the high fiber and protein content.

The new Mercadona tortillas to lose weight

In the line of oat products, Mercadona has just included some tortillas that are perfect for all those who want to take care of their diet. Regardless of the goal we pursue in the gym, the new product that we can now find in stores is ideal for light and delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that we need to maintain a balanced diet.

The package includes six units and is sold for €2. His big bet is 51% oats in the composition. Regarding calories, it provides 172 for each unit of product (287 per hundred grams).

According to nutritionist Sergio Frutos, oatmeal would be one of the best options in the catalog of this type of item in Mercadona thanks to its contribution of 15 grams of protein per 100 grams.

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