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Mobility exercises to improve your training routine

    just dedicating 15 minutes a day to work mobility, we would already notice a considerable improvement in how our body performs in the gym and yet, almost none of us do it. Because? I suppose that because we associate this type of movement with less powerful activities that will not help us to see quick results in the appearance of our body. But this is not the case and that is why the athlete Lydia Valentín, Olympic champion in weightlifting, comes to dismantle this myth and proposes a routine of mobility exercises Designed to improve the results of your workouts.

    Before getting fully into the routine, let’s clarify what the mobility because it is often a term that is often confused with flexibility and they are different things. Mobility is the ability to improve the range of motion of the joints while flexibility It focuses on stretching the muscles and some tissues. Obviously these are two things that go hand in hand and by working on the first, you will progressively improve the second, but this difference is important to understand why working on mobility will maximize your performance in strength training. And Lydia Valentín knows a lot about the latter. In addition, including a mobility routine in your day-to-day (it can be part of your pre-training warm-up) will help you correct bad posture and alleviate any discomfort or pain that arises from daily activity.

    Is it too late to start working on mobility?

    No, in fact it can be your best weapon to combat the signs of the passage of time in your body and they are exercises that you are the age you are will improve your mobility and therefore the performance of your workouts. That is to say, they are movements that always add up, although for them to really work you have to be constant with them.

    Clarified the doubts, we leave you the routine of Lydia Valentín. Do you dare to copy it?

    Lydia Valentín’s mobility routine

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