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Mom Breaks Down Her Nearly $1.5 Million Hospital Bill After Giving Birth

Being a new parent is exciting — learning everything for the first time, developing a new love, and creating a new schedule. 

What’s not so exciting is the hospital bills you rack up in the United States just to have a baby. 

Averaging somewhere around $5,000 to $11,000 per child with health insurance, the expenses of having a baby come from much more than just buying diapers and a crib. 

This mom, after having triplets, was astonished and disgusted when she received her hospital bill for a whopping $1.5 million.

While dealing with sickness post-delivery, this mom was forced to deal with anxiety and fear for much more than her sick babies — now, a huge hospital bill also loomed over her. 

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After giving birth to triplets, this mom was shocked to get her $1.5 million hospital bill. 

Even with health insurance, the cost of having a baby is astronomical. Not only did this mom have 3 children at once, but she also went through the whole hospital stay without health insurance.

She shocked viewers in a now-viral TikTok from January 16th, where she shared her average $500,000 bills for each of her three newborns. 

After having her triplets, each needed extra care in the NICU — wracking up her hospital bill immensely. 

“James was in the NICU for 31 days…he was there to feed and grow,” she says about her first baby, “they charged us $447,037.” 

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