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More and more fitness: the incredible body of Galilea Montijo at almost 50 years old

Galilea Montijo has announced the end of her relationship with businessman Fernando Reina, but her personal problems do not prevent her from continuing to exhibit the best of her versions, after having problems with her weight at some point.

Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, better known as her stage name Galilee Montijois a Mexican television presenter, host and actress, who recently made headlines for announcing her separation or end of her relationship with businessman Fernando Reina.

However, his personal problems do not prevent him from continuing to exhibit the best of his versions, despite his 49 years of age, after having problems with his weight at some point. This is how he lets it be seen through his account on the social network Instagram, a platform on which he usually publishes photographs that verify his statuesque body.

According to the magazine new woman, Reina was key in her opportunity for the presenter to lose more than 20 kilos after the pregnancy of Mateo Reina Montijo, their son. The politician did not criticize her and supported her at all times, according to what was commented by Galilea Montijo herself, who even asserted that she always “cheered for her, and even told her that she looked incredible and divine with the kilos on top of her. she”.

Galilee Montijo He managed to lose weight, specifically 23 kilos in four months, thanks to a regimen based on a diet of vegetable proteins, oilseeds, and lipids based on Omega 3. This is how each of his meals were prepared.

She confessed that her method to lose weight very quickly was thanks to nutrition experts Aura Lila Flores Gutiérrez and Araceli Cuevas Espinosa, from the Bio-Juvé Clinic. What is known is that Lila tests massages and lymphatic drainage.

Galilee Montijo He explained that, in addition to diet, active gels have been his salvation, since they dissolve fat, make it liquid and then expel it through lymphatic drainage. He indicated that this technique helps during weight loss to keep the skin smooth and not lose muscle tone. That is the reason why, according to her, she looks so toned nowadays.

This is how Galilea Montijo looks at 49 years of age. Photo: Instagram

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