Mountaineer Turned Oscar-Winning Director Strives to Achieve “An Elite” Fitness Level at 49

Jimmy Chin is popularly known for his 2018, Oscar-winning directorial Free Solo. However, the one thing that has never left his side is mountain climbing. His 2006 Mount Everest expedition is one of his most famous adventures. Even though he has grown older, and has pursued several new endeavors like photography and direction, he made it clear that he is a climber first.

Amidst all his occupied routine, Chin still makes time to keep his body fit and climb at the Climbing gyms. Men’s Health interviewed him during his busy schedule in Brooklyn when he went to Vital Climbing Gym for a 90-minute workout. Let’s have a look at what Chin had to say about his fitness in the interview.

How did the 49-year-old mountaineer keep himself fit?


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As he is insistent on always remaining a climber first, he never compromises on his fitness. Moreover, other than just fitness, he always takes out time and goes climbing in gyms, as he doesn’t have the time to find a natural spot. In the interview with Men’s Health, Chin opened up about the importance of fitness in his life. Chin said, “My goal is to never get out of shape. I strive to maintain 80 percent of my top shape so I can ramp it up at any time to get to an elite level. Bouldering gyms have made my life so much easier.”

He continued, “It used to be that you had to drive somewhere and climb. With gyms like these, you can show up and climb for an hour.” But as the fields have diversified for the mountaineer, he has to focus on all the departments. Whether it is fitness, climbing, photography, or his direction. He keeps everything in his control by giving them enough time.


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Nonetheless, as a 49-year-old, keeping the strength on point is never a straightforward task. Moreover, when Chin has such a packed schedule. What does he do to keep his physical strength in check? 

Jimmy Chin’s secret behind his valiant strength


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Jimmy Chin has never compromised his strength training. He always knew climbing is the foremost thing that he wants to pursue, no matter what all adds up later in his life. To maintain his mighty strength, Chin does these three exercises that keep him up to the mark.


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The first one is the Turkish Getup, which trains the whole body and helps the core and shoulders, which are very important in climbing. Moving on, he does Double Kettlebell Clean and Press, which generates immense power and strengthens hips. And lastly, he does Goblet squats, which makes the legs the strongest. The combination of these three exercises with frequent climbing keeps Chin always fit and healthy.
Jimmy Chin is a massive example of how to manage time and interests in the best possible way. What do you think of Chin’s extraordinary perception of life? Let us know in the comment section.

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