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MPG launches a free video course to attract and retain clients in gyms

At the halfway point of 2023, the recovery of the fitness sector is already consolidated. However, the competition is maximum and the profitability of the centers is less and less.

Rising costs, the constant increase in new operators and the price fight are compromising both the profitability and the survival of many facilities.

“Most managers only look at the bank account and that is a big mistake,” says Nacho Perelló, CEO of MPG (Marketing for Gyms). In fact, he argues that by controlling for key points in marketing, sales, and loyalty, the impact on the bottom line and long-term growth is significant.

The consultant, businessman and expert in sports center management Nacho Perelló has spent two decades helping fitness centers and sports facilities to become more profitable by improving marketing, sales and loyalty procedures.

Thus, the centers it advises have managed not only to increase the number of clients, but also to increase their retention and lifetime value.

Thanks to the experience he has had with more than 100 gyms, both in consulting and with the digital marketing services offered by MPG, he has launched a free video course of three videos in which he touches on these keys.

Content of the video course

Video 1: Marketing

They will make known what strategies gyms can follow to get the maximum return on the advertising that is carried out and get leads constantly entering through the door of the center.

Video 2: Sales

It will delve into the key indicators to assess the sales process and what to do to improve the conversion of potential customers into installation partners.

Video 3: Loyalty

Analysis of the six key elements that lead customers to spend more time in a gym and evangelize the brand, something that can sustain the business in the long term.

To access the free Video Course to enhance management and profitability, it is necessary to register at the following link:

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