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Mudras 101: Learn Yoga Hand Gestures

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We typically see statues of historic yogis, gods, and goddesses sitting in meditation and holding their palms in sure positions. Or we might go right into a yoga class during which the instructor encourages us to take a seat in silence with our palms perched on our knees, index fingers touching thumbs, and marvel: What do these hand gestures should do with meditation? Turns out, fairly a bit.

Hasta Mudras—actually which means seals, stamps, or gestures—are sacred hand actions which have been used for 1000’s of years in many various traditions as a manner of deepening one’s apply and awakening the ability of the Divine. Today, Hasta Mudras proceed to be vital instruments to liberate vitality (prana) and direct it to areas of the body that want therapeutic. Every mudra has a selected goal and strikes the vitality in a selected manner all through the body to create delicate bodily, psychological, and emotional modifications. For instance, should you come into your meditation apply feeling agitated or anxious, inserting your palms face down in your thighs will often calm and floor your vitality. If you’re feeling sluggish or sleepy, a palms-up mudra would possibly enliven you.

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Nubia Teixeira, founding father of the Bhakti Nova School of Yoga and Dance, says that our palms are an extension of our hearts and join our innermost ideas and prayers to the surface world: “They are how we reach out, touch, express, heal, work, cultivate, cook, paint, write, play music, and hold one another,” she writes in her ebook Yoga and the Art of Mudras. So it is sensible that Hasta Mudras will help you positively direct your ideas and actions to deliver magnificence into your life and the world round you. Mudras will help you “evoke the presence of a great goddess within you so she can empower you physically, allowing you to feel her force and echo her voice. With this personal experience imprinted in your heart, you can then be empowered to be your strong, true self,” Teixeira writes.

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