“Mums Shouldn’t Show Their Bodies Like This”: Fitness Influencer’s Inspiring Post-Pregnancy Transformation Marred by Negative Comments

Women face persecution for their bodies each and every day. Be it for being too thick or too thin, cornering experiences of women by toxic masculinity is far too common even in contemporary times. Bodybuilding and fitness world is no different. Fitness enthusiast and mother of two, Emily Skye, came across a similar dose of untoward opinions online. However, instead of being bullied into suppressing her desires, she chose to dress exactly how she wanted to.

Skye has always been vocal about body positivity, and uses social media platforms to educate and inspire others. After giving birth recently, she shared numerous videos proudly showcasing the changes her body has gone through during pregnancy. And the world around her couldn’t be more discouraging.

Bodybuilding influencer and a mom shares her journey


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Emily Skye has attempted to inspire people to not care about what others think. In furtherance of this ideology, she recently posted a reel on Instagram showing the transformation her body went through in 2 years and after multiple pregnancies. In the caption she wrote, “MY “BIKINI BODY” IN DIFFERENT FORMS OVER THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS. 👙⁣⁣🤰🏻Pregnant with Izaac to now (2 years postpartum). There’s nothing “wrong” with being confident in your own skin! There’s everything RIGHT about it! 🙌🏼😃⁣⁣”

Even though Skye is spreading positive energy, there hasn’t been a dearth of naysayers. She revealed that after seeing her in bikinis, people have commented on her body saying, “mums shouldn’t show their bodies like this”, “you love yourself!”, “why do you have to wear a bikini?”. She has just chosen to ignore these comments because, “DAMN STRAIGHT I LOVE MYSELF – it took me long enough to!⁣⁣”

Emily Skye revealed that initially when she was pregnant and carrying the extra baby weight, people commended her when she showed off her body because she was confident enough to do so even with the extra ‘padding’. After that, she practiced bodybuilding and lost weight, and she suddenly realized the extent of hypocrisy in society.

Fitness influencer points out the double standards of the society


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Skye also went on to point out that on one hand, society expects everyone to love themselves, and when they do, they are told that they shouldn’t. Nonetheless, these naysayers have had no effect on her, and she has been rightfully happy with her body. “⁣I love my body in all shapes & sizes & at all stages of my pregnancy & postpartum journey. I’m so grateful for it! ⁣⁣I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happiest with the way I am now though. I feel like superwoman!” Skye said.

She also added, “I’m strong, fit, healthy & I LOVE how my body looks! 🙌🏼 I work hard to be this way & it makes me happy. 😃⁣⁣” Skye has also expressed her desire for her kids to love themselves as well. “If I could wish for anything for my daughter Mia & my son Izaac – it’s that they truly love themselves! I hope it doesn’t take as long as it took me! All I can do is lead by example though. 🤗⁣⁣”


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In her opinion, there are no beauty standards and everyone is beautiful in their own way. “By the way, EVERYBODY has a bikini worthy body no matter what shape or size you are & no matter how much cellulite, wrinkles or stretch marks you’ve got! Wear that damn bikini if ya want to! 👙🙌🏼⁣⁣” She continues to be an example of self love, don’t you think?

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