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Narcissism Linked to Aggression – Study Found Relationship “Across the Board” All Over the World

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Narcissism is linked to all types of aggression, a brand new examine discovered.

A complete evaluation of 437 research from round the world gives the finest proof to date that narcissism is a vital danger issue for each aggression and violence, researchers stated.

The link between narcissism and aggression was discovered for all dimensions of narcissism and for quite a lot of forms of aggression. Results have been related no matter gender, age, whether or not they have been faculty college students, or nation of residence.

And, to have an effect, narcissism doesn’t have to be at ranges so excessive as to be pathological. Findings confirmed that even when narcissism was inside what is taken into account a traditional vary, larger ranges have been linked to aggression.

“It is a pretty straightforward message: Narcissism is a significant risk factor for aggressive and violent behavior across the board,” stated Brad Bushman, co-author of the examine and professor of communication at The Ohio State University.

The examine was led by Sophie Kjærvik, a graduate pupil in communication at Ohio State. It was printed on May 24, 2021, in the journal Psychological Bulletin.

“The link we found between narcissism and aggression was significant – it was not trivial in size,” Kjærvik stated. “The findings have important real-world implications.”

The researchers mixed and analyzed knowledge from many research to present a complete view of this analysis space. In this meta-analysis, they examined knowledge from 437 impartial research with a complete of 123,043 members.

Narcissism is characterised by an overblown sense of self-importance, Bushman stated. The key part of narcissism is entitlement. Narcissism additionally has two peripheral elements: grandiose (these with excessive shallowness) and weak (these with low shallowness). The examine discovered all of those elements have been linked to aggression.

Narcissism was associated to all types of aggression measured in the research the researchers analyzed, together with bodily, verbal, bullying, direct or oblique, and displaced onto harmless targets.

“Individuals who are high in narcissism are not particularly picky when it comes to how they attack others,” Kjærvik stated.

Findings confirmed that narcissism was linked to on-line cyberbullying, in addition to bullying offline.

“That’s a highly important finding now that we live in an online world,” she stated.

People larger in narcissism weren’t solely extra possible to lash out in anger, however have been additionally extra possible to be “cold, deliberate and proactive” of their aggression, Bushman stated.

People excessive in narcissism have been extra possible than others to be aggressive whether or not they have been provoked or not, the examine discovered. But the danger for aggression was considerably larger once they felt provoked, corresponding to being ignored or insulted.

The researchers have been considerably shocked to discover that the link between narcissism and violence was practically as sturdy as its link with much less critical types of aggression. Violence is extra uncommon than and is usually tougher to predict than lesser types of aggression, Bushman stated. In this examine, violence was outlined as aggression meant to trigger bodily hurt corresponding to harm or demise.

But these outcomes are per analysis suggesting that narcissism is likely to be a danger issue for very violent acts corresponding to mass shootings, he stated.

One argument could possibly be that the narcissism-aggression link can be extra possible to happen in individualistic nations, like the United States, the place folks emphasize their private rights. But the evaluation discovered that narcissism and aggression have been associated even in additional collectivist nations.

And findings have been related whether or not the analysis members have been faculty college students or a extra basic inhabitants.

It is likely to be tempting to suppose these outcomes apply solely to people who find themselves “narcissists,” however that may be flawed, Bushman stated.

For one, you’ll be able to’t separate folks into those that are narcissists and people who should not. Nearly everybody has a point of narcissism, regardless that solely a minority have ranges excessive sufficient to be referred to as pathological.

Findings on this examine recommend that larger ranges of narcissism are associated to extra aggression even earlier than it reaches pathological ranges.

“All of us are prone to being more aggressive when we are more narcissistic,” Bushman stated.

One factor that clearly stood out in the evaluation, he stated, was how folks excessive in narcissism reply once they really feel threatened.

“Our results suggest provocation is a key moderator of the link between narcissism and aggression,” Bushman stated.

“Those who are high in narcissism have thin skins, and they will lash out if they feel ignored or disrespected.”

Reference: “The link between narcissism and aggression: A meta-analytic review” by S. L. Kjærvik and B. J. Bushman, 24 May 2021, Psychological Bulletin.
DOI: 10.1037/bul0000323

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