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Natalia OT’s trick to get more out of routines

    If something became clear after the quarantine, it is that using the right accessories it is possible to stay in shape even from home. Dumbbells, kettlebells, elastic bands, bullet bangles… these are just a few examples from the long list of materials that can be used to train anytime, anywhere (even if you go on a trip and want to carry out a training routine how are you doing).

    Besides, there are accessories that are a real 2×1 like, for example, this Reebok bench that allows you to combine aerobic and strength exercises or the accessory that Natalia Rodríguez has used in her last routine. The former triumph has shared a stories on his Instagram account in which he has revealed his trick to get the most out of training.

    Natalia (OT) uses this accessory in her routines

    The secret is in the bosu (also know as balance trainer) that you use in the video. In it, Natalia is seen on this accessory carrying out some of her routine exercises and trying to hold her balance at the same time, something that In addition to toning the body, it helps to improve balance..

    This accessory Used to perform a wide range of exerciseswhether it’s sit-ups, squats or push-ups among many others with which you can improve your abdominal strength, stability or muscle flexibility.

    get your bosu

    If you want to get the most out of your workouts with this accessory, you can get it today through Amazon. This model includes an inflator and two PVC elastic bands.

    Balance Trainer Fitball with inflator and elastic bands



    Or if you prefer, you can also choose this balance board made of wood which is a cheaper option.

    wooden balance board

    Amazon Basics


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