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NB Colombia, leader in supplements and healthy exercise

Nutribio is a leading company in the global fitness market and for this reason, in the country Colombia It is already a brand, a benchmark for supplements to exercise optimally and with the highest quality standards.

“It is a brand that is among the ten best in the world, we have all the seals and certifications, it is totally clean, everything that the label says is found in the content. They are supplements for athletes and for non-athletes as well”, says Ibón Palacio, owner of NB Colombia.

Ibón has been in the fitness world for more than 30 years, particularly as a bodybuilder, and for some time she has said that she achieved her goal of owning the NB Colombia brand for the country, her great dream.

Also, he talks about the benefits of his supplements: “We have clean protein, free of excipients and chemicals, what the label says is what the product has and they will not make you fat, because what really makes you fat are bad habits food and supplements have nothing to do with it, they should choose a very good brand”.

For those who have spent time or want to get involved in the fitness world, NB Colombia is a great option to complement this exercise. Also, they specialize in glutes. Better said, go through the blue pavilion and visit Ibón and her work team to start the routine.

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