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Neha Marda shares how expecting mothers can count kicks of their babies; why is it important?

Dr Mithee Bhanot said that it is a good idea to keep an eye out for your baby’s movements

neha marda counting baby's kicksNeha shared three easy steps to count the kicks of your baby (Source: Neha Marda/Instagram)

Actor Neha Marda, who is married to Patna-based businessman Aayushman Agrawal, is expecting her first child and announced the pregnancy in November, last year. Over the last few months, she has been taking fans through her pregnancy journey, alongside sharing some important wellness tips for new mothers. In the same vein, she recently took to Instagram to share “three easy steps” to count the kicks of your unborn baby.

Before we get to that, it’s crucial to understand why counting the kicks of the baby is suggested. Dr Mithee Bhanot, Senior Consultant, Obs and Gynae, Apollo 24×7 and Apollo Hospitals, Noida said that you can increase your awareness about your baby’s movements by noting how many times they kick. “Knowing what is typical for your infant will help you recognise when something feels off. The way your baby moves may change, which could be an indication of early distress or a problem with the pregnancy. Knowing your baby’s activity level allows you to notify your doctor if anything changes. It’s a sign that your infant is healthy and developing when you can feel him or her moving around inside your womb,” she said.

The expert added that even robust infants, however, can be distressed. “Knowing what is typical for your baby can help you spot possible issues. Consult your doctor if your infant slows down if they are typically active,” she said.

Dr Bhanot said that it is a good idea to keep an eye out for your baby’s movements. “Between weeks 28 and 40 of the third trimester, when there is a risk that your infant may be stressed, kick counting becomes all the more crucial,” she said, adding that expecting parents can find out from their doctors regarding how many kicks you should experience or when to count them. “There is a range of what is regarded as normal, and you and your doctor can determine what is normal for you.”

Coming back to Neha’s steps for counting kicks, she suggested:

*Pick a time when your baby is most active.
*Drink/eat something sweet.
*Go to a quiet room, place your hands on your belly, and count 10 movements within an hour.

Dr Bhanot added that you can count your baby’s kicks by a few different methods. “You can use a timer or clock and a sheet of paper, or you can use an app on your phone. You can get a sheet of paper and set a timer for an hour. Make a note on the paper each time you feel a kick after the timer goes off. Add up your total number of points at the conclusion. At least 4 movements in the first hour after meals should be there.”

She said that while counting kicks during pregnancy enables parents to monitor a baby’s activity, there isn’t a precise way to measure it. “Some medical professionals talk about fetal movement. It’s common knowledge that if your infant moves five to ten times per hour, they are passing,” the expert said.

However, there isn’t much evidence to indicate that this method of evaluating a baby’s health is actually reliable, Dr Bhanot concluded.

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