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Nicole Moreno tells what it was like to return to television — FMDOS

After her career took a 180° course after discovering the world of fitness in 2019, Nicole Moreno she managed to transform this discipline into her lifestyle, and to stay away from television.

Until now, the fitness model decided to return to Channel 13 to participate in a new season of Here you dance. A new adventure that led her to refuse to represent Chile in the United States because of this offer she received to return to TV.

That is why we wanted to talk to her to find out her feelings, how the change in training between fitness and dance competitions has been, as well as understand the return to television after years away from her.

“They missed me”: Nicole Moreno and her return to television

In an exclusive conversation with FMDOS, the fitness model assured that the dance competition has led her to change various details in her eating and training routine. When she must prepare her body sportily, Nicole Moreno between the 7 days of the week, those who work by zone. “We work harder, more weight, more repetitions, always to the limit, to the failure of each exercise,” a routine that also includes weighing your food to achieve the expected results.

On the other hand, in the dance everything has been different. Now you can eat healthy, sugar-free foods, no stones, and work out with less weight and more cardio, so you can loosen up your muscles and get into a better pace.

The transformations he has had Nicole Moreno for Here you dance they’re not just from his training. Today he assures that he feels much “more prepared and analytical” to return to television, and that he even enjoys the adrenaline that this type of situation gives him more independently, despite the fact that “I am super head, I want everything to be perfectly and I get a little frustrated because I’m a perfectionist ».

The physical state that he had cultivated with his new job helps him in competitive terms, “but with the rehearsals and everything, I was adapting, letting go and returning to a favorable diet.”

On being away from TV and going back to Channel 13, Nicole Moreno describes it as remarkable. Clarifying that she does not want to sound like a diva, the model explains to us that “people still wanted to see me.

He missed me, he was very fond of me. On the street they show it to me, and I think it has been positive.

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What is Nicole Moreno’s routine to participate in Aquí se Baila?

In this new project, the fitness model has not stopped training. His mornings start between 07 and 08 in the morning, and the first thing he does is train. «I feel that thanks to exercise I can continue my day. I have a lot of energy and that allows me to be more active. If I don’t train, it didn’t work out.”

By the end Nicole Moreno she focuses on work, until around 3:00 p.m. when she rehearses 100% for the Canal 13 dance competition. Finally, she uses the term of the day for all her family matters.

But, how do you manage to reconcile your work with your Personal life? The model answers us simply, “At this moment I have people who support me. My environment is very small, the people who are with me is because I decided. They take care of me, they support me, so super good. I enjoy and I can be free of conscience… Now my son is big, he is 20 years old and I can do a thousand things ».

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