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Noelia Marzol’s fury after being criticized for promoting a fitness and eating plan

Noelia Marzol shared her training routine (Video: Instagram)

Noelia Marzol She had a crossroads with an Instagram user who criticized her after sharing her training routine and saying that she was doing it under the supervision of a professional whom she mentioned on the social network in which she has almost two and a half million followers. followers.

“What do I do to stay in shape after being a mom? I resorted to the best ”, she wrote next to the video in which she also made reference to the fact that she works together with a team of nutritionists specialized in sports nutrition and obesity, and specialist fitness coaches. She also said that they put together a plan for her to achieve the goals she wanted to achieve: “Feel more energy, be fit and strong for my daily routine, which is a lot,” she explained. “And it’s a path that I’m walking with this wonderful team,” she said of her experience.

In the video, for his part, he elaborated a little more on the reason why he decided to turn to the professional. “Many ask me what I eat, how I eat, how I train, what I do,” began the dancer who recorded those images while she was enjoying a day outdoors and wearing a sports outfit. In addition, next to her feet, she allowed herself to see a mat on the grass, in a clear allusion to the fact that she was training while she made the suggestion to her followers on social networks.

“I was the mother of alfonsina two months ago, and I have Donatellowhich is very small,” she said about the children she had with her husband, the soccer player Ramiro Arias. “In a month I have to go back to the theater, for which I am dancing many hours a day and social life, as a couple, everything requires a lot of energy. So, the idea is not to go on a diet where you starve yourself and have no energy at all. Quite the opposite: the idea is to achieve the best version of each one”, commented the actress.

Noelia Marzol and Ramiro Arias with their two children: Donatello and Alfonsina

“How do you have to feed, nourish and train? In a personalized way because they know that all bodies, all people, need different things. I am already fully happy,” added Noelia Marzol in the video that had more than 15,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Meanwhile, there were those who criticized Marzol’s attitude and expressed it through different messages. “What is this ‘fit’ thing, Noe? We all are”; “But I don’t have money to pay like you. What would be the other option for people who have a hard time making ends meet?”; “Enough of the swaps! They are already bored selling for personal benefits and more than they can pay for any treatment ”, were some of the comments that the dancer received. “Do I really work? fuck me In other words, you earned everything you have because you are talented, but the majority of women do not make ends meet and do not think about their bodies,” wrote another user.

Upon reading that message, Noelia did not want to let it go and responded in the same way: publicly, so that everyone could read her opinion. “I feel like you underestimate my life and you have no idea what it cost me, much less the work I do every day. The difference is that I surely practice a profession that I don’t suffer from since I do it gladly to have risked it to try to live from what I’m passionate about, “said the actress who also launched her line of lingerie inspired by the work gender.

“I assure you that as a dance student I have taken more than two subways and without a doubt I work more than 14 hours in a row, even for years, from Monday to Monday, without a break. If today I can give myself the freedom to enjoy my family and unpaid leave for my recent maternity, I have it well deserved, ”she added, visibly angry with the man who had written that message questioning her role.

“Regarding what you mention that ‘the bulk of women do not make ends meet and do not think about the body’ is confusing,” he added and emphasized: “I am not trying to impose anything. I simply tell, for those who are interested, what means they can use, if they wish, to obtain an end, which does not necessarily have to do with an aesthetic issue.

Finally, he maintained: “I understand your need to express certain issues but I do not think it is the means to rant your discontent. Maybe you should raise it in another area. Not here or me.”

Noelia Marzol’s furious response to a follower who criticized her

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