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Only skincare tips you need for your child’s skin in summer

Children who are exposed to the sun and perspire frequently develop a variety of skin issues that can be avoided by using the right sunscreen and sunblock, as well as by adhering to a few easy home remedies. According to an informative Instagram reel uploaded by child paediatrician Dr. Nihar Parekh, here’s all you need to do to save your child from skin problems in summer.
Your child can use any sunscreen or sunblock with an SPF of 25. Applying it and reapplying it every three hours is the sole key here to keep their skin shielded from the sun’s harmful rays,” spoke Dr. Parekh about the effects of sun damage on your child’s skin.
“You only need a physical sunscreen if your child is under the age of 12; a chemical sunscreen is not necessary. Chemical sunscreens also contain bezones, while physical sunscreens comprise zinc oxide and titanium dioxide,” he added.
However, you can use sunblock if your child is younger than 12 and has sensitive skin. This is what sunscreen does. Children who are exposed to the sun often have boils, prickly heat, and aggravated eczema. We frequently believe that mangoes are to blame. However, they don’t. Do not let your kid play outside between noon and five in the afternoon.
If they must, dress them in breathable clothing and cover them properly. Make them wear cotton vests underneath their football t-shirts and quick-dry t-shirts.
In the summer, sweat is the skin’s worst enemy. Keep your child dry as much as possible.

“Try bathing your child as soon as they get home from school and twice daily. The danger of a fungal infection increases the longer perspiration remains on the skin. A fungus infection is encouraged by sweat drying in the body’s pores and creases,” says Dr. Parekh.
“Keep all of your kids’ clothing dry. The sole treatment for eliminating all bacterial and fungal spores from clothing is boiling water. Wash their clothes with boiling water and dry them crisp outdoors. Make them change into washed and ironed undergarments after each shower.” He adds.

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