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Outdated Baby Shower Traditions You Should Skip

While a game called Guess the Chocolate Bar doesn’t seem so bad, when you learn the details, it will probably be enough to ruin your appetite and totally gross you out. The rules are simple enough, as all you have to do is guess which melted chocolate bar is placed in the center of a diaper. The person in charge of arranging this game melts various chocolate bars: Snickers, Crunch, Twix, Kit Kat, Butterfinger, and any other chocolate bars that come to mind and places them in several diapers. 

People who participate in this game make their guesses based on any of the five senses they want to rely on. This means they can use sight, smell, touch, and taste. Those who rely on taste to figure out chocolate bar flavors will look like they’re eating the remnants of a baby’s soiled diaper. This is another one of those ideas that sounds silly and cute in theory but ends up coming across as appalling in practice.

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