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PaleoTraining launches website with a new design

PaleoTraining launches website with a new design

The banner defines PaleoTraining as a hybrid ecosystem that offers a sustainable and simple approach to health and fitness.

(13-7-2023). PaleoTraining has released a new image on its website. The company launches the new design of its website, more up-to-date, intuitive and in line with the company’s values.

PaleoTraining launches a new image on its website (, thus marking the end of a stage in its transformation process that now leads it to face new challenges in its ambitious international expansion plan: open more than 700 centers, in 10 countries, in five years while adding more than 1.5 million members to its new digital platform IamPaleo, a fundamental pillar of the company’s development.

The launch of the new page, with its renewed design more in line with the basic principles of the brand, occurs a year and a half after having established the bases on which the new PaleoTraining is deployed.

“It is a logical, profound and transformative evolution of the web that is much more aligned with the corporate character of our brand, thus becoming more authentic, disruptive, expert and inclusive”, explains Ignacio Segura CIO of PaleoTraining who adds: “A new website that aims to bring PaleoTraining even closer to users and investors with responsibility, integrity and respect, to help them achieve their goals and so they can live a healthier, happier and longer life.”

Image of the new PaleoTraining website.

From the company they add that, “with special emphasis on the fact that PaleoTraining is for everyone, the brand’s new website genuinely connects with its audience through an attractive, clean, dynamic and visually light design. The website pays special attention to small details in order to provide improved navigation to the user who will see how their experience is enriched by finding quality content in a much more accessible and intuitive way”.

PaleoTraining, a lifestyle

The banner defines PaleoTraining as a hybrid ecosystem that offers a sustainable and simple approach to health and fitness. His holistic vision is based on the principles of evolutionary fitness that provides a balance between functionality and efficiency. PaleoTraining’s proposal is based on the four pillars of its product: movement, nutrition, wellness and community. Its PaleoTraining Studios are the most distinctive feature of the company as they allow its members to train in an environment similar to nature. The exercises are also available digitally on the PaleoTraining platform, IamPaleo.

Airam Fernández founded the company in 2009 with the purpose of helping people reach their maximum human potential. As a physical therapist he was tired of only treating his patients’ symptoms, so he created PaleoTraining to address the root causes of the health and fitness challenges facing today’s society.

“Since then, PaleoTraining’s unique approach and community-focused philosophy have set the company apart from other fitness programs. It helps achieve fitness and activity goals by implementing positive changes and restoring the mental and physical health and well-being of its members. Its professional staff and team of trainers know that regular exercise and physical activity are crucial to a healthy life, which is why they offer the latest supervised health and fitness programs with a holistic approach to wellness that is second to none. For all these reasons, we can say that PaleoTraining is more than a simple exercise routine, it is a lifestyle”, they affirm from the company.

PaleoTraining members have access to detailed analysis of their body composition and nutritional behavior assessment, plus meal plans, personal coaching, and tutorial content. They also have a wellness program focused on educating and training them to lead a healthier and more respectful life with the environment. PaleoTraining’s daily programs emphasize breathing, mindfulness, and personal development, providing a holistic approach to overall wellness.

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