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Paola Núñez and the exercise routine with which she became a fitness actress

At 45 years old, Paola Núñez has become one of the fitness actresses from Mexico and the United States, where he has lived for nine years. With exercise routines he stays in shape to play new characters in Hollywood.

Through her official Instagram account, Paola has shared some photos and videos of her workouts in the gymwhich includes working different areas such as buttocks, abdomen, legs and toned arms.

In addition to working a different area per day, the actress born in Tecate, Baja California, adds different strength and cardio exercisesto mega-define your figure and achieve greater body stability.

Paola Núñez looks 20 years younger with a radical makeover

Paola Nunez celebrated its 45th birthday last April with a daring haircutbecause the radical change of look had to do with his new project, a famous action movie.

And it is that, the Mexican actress is part of the cast of ‘Bad Boys 4’, since a few months ago the fourth tape of this saga was announced in which it puts the Latin flavor to the story. In fact, Kate del Castillo and Vanessa Hudgens are also in the film.

And to celebrate her birthday, Paola released a trendy haircut, it is the famous bob, leaving behind her long black hair, to look fresh with shorter hair than usual.

Although many fans loved Paola Núñez’s long hair, with the bob cut it seems as if 20 years had been removed from abovein addition to favoring and elongating your face in a natural way.

Through her official Instagram account, the protagonist of Mexican soap operas has made more than one follower fall in love with her new image, as she has shared photos and videos in which she looks quite comfortable with her new image.

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