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Penélope Cruz shows off her incredible wasp waist

    Penelope Cruz has done it again. If a few days ago, the actress from Madrid managed to leave us speechless with her more than impressive (and well toned) infinite legs in the Chanel show, now, Pe has not only encouraged us to be practically speechless, but has doubled the effect with her striking wasp waist in her latest appearance.

    And it is that, on the occasion of the inauguration of the pop up store de Lâncome in Madrid, Penélope Cruz, the firm’s ambassador, decided to attend the opening party in the capital last night.

    An occasion for which, as she has shared on social networks, she opted for a two-tone dress that, due to its pattern, accentuated the effect and toning of her aforementioned waist. Simply spectacular. Look look:

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    Impressive, right? Now, what exercises or guidelines have you followed to show off that waist? We analyze it.

    How does Penelope Cruz get that wasp waist?

    Ballet began to be present in her life from an early age, however, over the years that passion drifted towards strength and cardio training. Some sessions that, as she herself described in Elle Canada a few months ago, she tries to do three or four times a week for an hour. And it’s just those movements that strengthen and activate the belly area and, of course, the waist. They stimulate her toning.

    An effect, it should be noted, that enhances with the elasticity that it has been acquiring with its practice of Bikram Yoga.

    Now, if you don’t quite like these disciplines (although cardio helps to release a lot of endorphins), we wanted to highlight two exercises -beyond the incredible Gorilla Row and Chenoa-style hypopressives- so that you can reduce and show off a wasp waist like Penelope Cruz’s. Take note!

    1. Transfers of weight around the body. With this, you will not only be able to activate the belly, but you will also stimulate the waist. To do this, standing up and with your legs slightly apart, we pass a dumbbell or kettlebell around our arms without losing position. With this, you will notice how your waist and abdomen are tightening.

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    2. climber: It consists of starting from a plank position and moving the legs making the gesture of running or climbing stairs as quickly as possible. Maintaining a correct posture with the shoulders and hands aligned is just as important as the speed at which the legs move. With this, we managed to move the waist.

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