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Physical and fitness trainers graduate

The sport of muscle and local beauty, has a new generation of trainers, duly certified by state and national authorities.

Within the framework of Mister Oaxaca Beginners and Rookies, the Antequera Green Physical Constructivism and Fitness Association (AFFVA), carried out the graduation of its new coaches, who will come to strengthen the bases of athletes in various gyms of the entity.

The delivery of certificates was carried out by Luis Emilio Arredondo Rivera, president of the AFFVA, who urged the teachers to perform with honor in this new stage of their careers.

The graduate coaches are: Isabel Mendoza, Armando Martínez, Alissa Hernández, María Fernanda López, Nelson Ernesto García, Oscar García and Pedro Jiménez López.

In this regard, Arredondo Rivera recognized that the training of this group of coaches lasted 10 months, and during this period they addressed everything from the basics to high performance with face-to-face and virtual classes.

The graduation of the teachers, he said, will help a lot to raise the level of the athletes and above all to develop the physique and fitness in a safe way.

This project greatly helps the Association to lay the foundations of a healthy athlete, as well as to achieve the competitive objectives of an athlete in training, which mainly reside in a qualified and certified coach within our specialty.

In this case, as state physical constructivism and fitness trainers, they are trained and trained to meet and lead their goals through the different stages, for example those of evaluation and application of methodological training programs and systems, as well as their planning, which guarantees in a certain way that Oaxaca continues to have mechanisms to train great athletes who bring and will bring excellent results from the national fairs”, commented the leader.

The directors of the AFFVA delivered the awards.

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