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pilates: Magic Circle, the pilates tool that helps you tone your entire body

It is possible to do a class

Pilates without any type of material, but it is usually quite common for different tools to be introduced, from

elastic bands until the

fitball or even

the TRX. One of the most characteristic elements of this discipline is the

magic circle (or magic ring)since it was Joseph Pilates himself who created it.

It is a ring of about

40 centimeters in diameter made of a semi-flexible material, with two handles or grips on the sides. This tool increases the

intensity of any of the exercises by generating a certain

instabilityhelps to work the

force of arms and legs and strengthens the


Another benefit of this tool is its

low price and its size, which make it a very

affordable to have at home and practice

daily from our home. If you have already decided to incorporate it into your

daily routineHere are some exercises you can do with the

magic circle:

Legs: ‘Showlder bridge’ with underwire

This exercise helps you eliminate the

fat of the legs working the adductors, the inner part of the

legs and the

buttocks. To do it correctly you must place the ring between the

thighsjust above the knees, and lie on your back, with the soles of your feet resting on the floor, your legs

flexed and separated the width of the shoulders and arms on both sides of the body. Next,

raises the hip while pressing the

ring and activate the glutes, reducing the pressure when you return to the original position.

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Abdominals: ‘Criss cross’ with hoop

To do it

correctlylie on your back with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle and holding the

ring with hands at chest level. Press it while raising the head, neck and shoulders, supporting us at the base of the legs.

scapulae to rotate the trunk to the right and extend the left leg to 45 degrees (arm to opposite leg). Slowly, change legs and

spinning the trunk to the left, without loosening the hoop.

Arms: Hoop Triceps Workout

This exercise is great to end the

bat wings. In this way the triceps is worked, or what is the same,

the inner side of the arm where the muscles are weakest. Stand up with him

ring leaning on the hip and holding it with the open palm of the hand. He then does

pressure inward as you exhale and activate your abdominal center.

Obliques: Pressure and twist


obliquesthis exercise also works


pectoral and

abdomen. To do it correctly you must stand up with the

ring hold with hands and elbows flexed. The legs must be

stretched and separated the width of your shoulders. Then exercise

pressure on the hoop while doing a twist to the side without moving the

pelvis and return to the original position before turning to the other side.

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Gluteus: Back of the leg

This exercise works especially

the back of the legoh more intensely the

femoral biceps. You must place yourself in

quadrupedwith the knees, the palms of the hands and the tips of the feet resting on the ground and the

ring held between the buttock and the heel. The knee of the leg holding the hoop must be

detached off the ground and at hip height. Next make small

elevations of the leg that holds the hoop without moving the rest of the body.

Shoulders and coordination

Lie on your stomach with your whole body stretched out and holding the

ring across the pads with your hands. Next,

raises feet and hands leaving only resting on the ground

central part ofthe body. turn the

ring to the right and lift the leg on the same side, return to the original position and

repeat exercise on the other side.

As you can see, they are exercises

easy to do and with the plus of

intensity that provides the magic circle, an easy-to-use and comfortable tool to store at home.

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