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POLAR IGNITE 3 TITANIUM: FITNESS WATCH WITH PREMIUM DESIGN. Our GPS WATCH section brings us today the new version of the polar Ignite 3 the Titanium, with premium design, and new exclusive functions of this.

It is a watch oriented towards fitness and well-being, like its predecessor, which we already told you about. all analysis by Héctor Rubioand then his test thoroughly by Layla Fernández Now we bring you this improved version of it, and that can also offer comfort, versatility and elegance in our day-to-day use.



€399.90 / €369.90| 35 GRAMS | 43MM

This new Polar Ignite 3 Titaium stands out mainly for its premium design, in order to give it that elegant look that perhaps it did not have in its previous version. To begin with, the design of its bezel stands out, made with titanium, and always within the Nordic design line of the Ignite 3. Awarded the 2023 Red Dot Design Award. This combination of quality materials and lightness should make it a strong, durable and functional watch.

The AMOLED touch screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.0, which should allow us to see the information clearly, whether it is sunny or at night. It also includes two straps, a black leather one and a silicone one in its more expensive model, and only the silicone one in the cheap one. The two straps allow you to go from a sporty look with the silicone one, to a more casual one in the case of opting for the leather one.


  • Titanium bezel and Premium materials: Screen protected with an extra layer of titanium that provides high durability and resistance to the watch, as well as elegance. NEW!
  • Price: €399.90 Includes two straps: brown leather and black silicone. €369.90. Includes black silicone strap
  • Microlight: 35 grams
  • Size: 43mm*9.5mm
  • Waterproof: WR30
  • Size: SL (135-220mm)
  • Colors: Night Black, Purple Dusk, Greige Sand and Brown Copper.
  • AMOLED touch screen High-resolution always-on: See the information you need in full color and with excellent visibility.
  • Customizable widgets: choose the information you want to see on the watch face and quickly access the functions you use most.
  • Heart rate recording on the wrist: Polar Precision Prime™ technology guarantees maximum precision and reliability. 10 LED lights, 4 electrodes and accelerometer.
  • Activity 24/7: Records daily steps, calories burned, and daily activity goal.
  • High precision dual GPS: wherever you are, measure the distance and speed of your workouts.
  • Night skin temperature: Auto record every 5 minutes overnight. Displays temperature deviations on the screen. Its variation is an indicator of the internal rhythm and the state of health of the user. NEW!
  • Complete sleep analysis and SleepWise™*: tips to improve attention during the day. Receive every morning a complete analysis of your body’s nightly recovery and know your energy levels to face the day ahead.
  • FitSpark™: Get personalized advice and daily training proposals based on your current physical condition and disposition.
  • Training-recovery guide: Analyzes heart rate during training and recovery phases to ensure optimal recovery from high-intensity strength and endurance interval training. NEW!
  • voice guidance*: Receive all important training information or directions during Fitspark™ personalized workouts via voice prompts (headphones required).
  • weekly training summary: see how much and at what intensities you have trained during the week.
  • Energy sources: indicates how much you burn in each session, differentiating between carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • guided breathing exercises: relax with Serene™ guided breathing exercises. They will help you mitigate stress and fall asleep.
  • swimming metrics: in indoor pool and open water.
  • Mobile notifications: stay connected at all times and view on your watch screen all those messages that appear on your mobile (whatsapps, messages, calls…)
  • Time: Be prepared for changes in the weather with information and weather forecasts for up to two days. (temperature, wind chill, probability of rain, humidity, wind speed…)
  • music controls– Navigate your playlist and adjust the volume right on your watch.
  • 20mm interchangeable straps: Combine different looks according to the occasion. Choose between different sizes and materials.
  • Long lasting battery: Up to 5 days in watch mode or up to 30 hours of training with GPS and heart rate on a single charge.
  • Nightly Recharge™: It shows how your body has recovered overnight from the stress and other demands of the day.
  • Sleep Plus Stages™: automatic recording of sleep: quality, hours, time in the different phases of sleep (light, deep, REM) and nocturnal interruptions.
  • Walking test: simple test to know the current physical condition that must be carried out periodically to measure progress. Automatically measures VO2max in 15 minutes during a brisk walk.
  • Multisport: More than 150 sport profiles to choose from.

Polar Ignite 3 titanium



The main novelties of this Ignite 3 Titanium are to incorporate two new functions, which until now have not been seen in any of the current Polar models. These are two features to try to help the user achieve their goals and understand their body.

Nighttime skin temperature. The variation in skin temperature is a personal indicator of internal rhythm and state of health. This function automatically measures the skin temperature every 5 minutes during the night and shows the variation with respect to the average of the last 28 days. Since, for example, increases in temperature are often a sign of illness, along with heart rate variability or changes in breathing. Women can also use this temperature information to better understand where they are in their menstrual cycle. To be able to measure it, it is necessary to activate the continuous recording of the HR in the watch. Display on the watch and in the Polar Flow app (not on the Polar Flow web).

Training-recovery guide. In exercises of repetitions, the recovery time between series, we take it intuitively or according to what we are told. This function analyzes the heart rate during the training and recovery phases, providing personalized guides to ensure optimal recovery in high intensity training . The watch automatically detects the highest HR reached during the execution of the exercise. Upon completion, the recovery phase starts and when the algorithm indicates that it has recovered sufficiently, the user is notified to start the next iteration.

Function especially indicated for high-intensity strength and resistance interval training.


We remind you of the highlights of this GPS, which coincides with its normal Ignite 3 version. It offers powerful training features, personalized guides, sleep and activity tracking, and more. The function SleepWise™with which the user can visualize the impact of the sleep recorded during the night to face the day ahead.

It is very useful to have this information to know the alert levels of the body; At what time of day is the body most prepared for maximum concentration, for an intense workout, for a nap or for bed?

Another outstanding function that it presents is the Voice Guidance* in real time. During training, the user will be able to receive feedback in real time: pace, distance, laps, HR zone changes, training summary, etc.). It is the perfect complement to the already existing FitSpark™ function, the daily personalized training guide that proposes cardio, strength or core exercises based on the user’s predisposition and goals.

*Requires connection to the Polar Flow App.

With the new Ignite 3 Titanium, the user will also have access to music controls from their watch (adjust volume and skip songs) and mobile notifications.

At night, Ignite 3 Titanium automatically records the quantity and quality of sleep, differentiating between the different phases, to deepen the analysis of how the body has recovered during the night from training, stress and the rest of the activity of the day

The day has 24 hours for everyone, but the rhythm of each person is different. That is why it is important to listen to our body and our rhythms in order to perform better and lead a healthier life. Ignite 3 achieves this through its personalized guides that adapt to each person.


The circadian rhythm is the internal clock that governs all the systems of our body. From physical exercise to sleep. Polar Ignite 3 incorporates features that are designed to help people find a balance between their lifestyle and their natural rhythm.

Living in tune with our circadian rhythm begins with sleep. The new function SleepWise™ goes one step further in sleep recording. It combines the quantity, quality and timings of sleep with the internal rhythm and individual sleep needs. That is, it analyzes the cycles of going to bed and getting up and determines the user’s cognitive alertness for the next day.

Quick access widgets can be customized according to the information that the user wants to see: weather, heart rate, activity summary, among others. The home screen is also customizable, being able to choose between different colors and styles (analog, digital).

Ignite 3 Titanium weighs 35 grams. It is extraordinarily light, very comfortable to wear both day and night. Despite the AMOLED screen and unlike other devices on the market, the Ignite 3’s battery lasts up to 5 days on a single charge with 24/7 activity tracking and heart rate on. If we talk about training, the battery life is up to 30 hours with HR and GPS recording at maximum precision. And with the energy saving mode, it can reach up to 100 hours of autonomy.


As we said at the beginning of the article, it is a watch with GPS functions dedicated to fitness and well-being, but it can perfectly serve as a daily training partner, since not all of us need 100 hours of battery and altimeter, nor can we spend 1000 € on an Apple Watch Ultra. And now it is also available for daily use, with the leather strap, which gives it a much more elegant look.

So a watch in a different range, to wear with style all day, which also provides what is necessary to carry out multiple sports activities, such as running, swimming and which also provides us with interesting metrics that can help us improve our quality of life.



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