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Ponte Fitness Gym offers an opportunity to opponents and people who telework to do quality exercise from home

Spain is one of the countries with the highest online work and academic activity. According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), around 3.3 million economically active people currently telework and, according to Eurostat, the country occupies the fifth position of studies under the digital modality in the EU.

This has impacted the quality of life of the population, specifically in the adoption of bad habits and the execution of little movement, being permanently in the place of residence.

In that sense, Ponte Fitness Gym has been one of the few platforms for exercise on-line created as an alternative for those who practice home office or opponents, with the aim of improving their physical and mental state.

Advantages of having a remote gym

Ponte Fitness Gym, founded and directed 8 years ago by physical education teacher and personal trainer Pablo Ortega Iglesias, has reflected on and created a training system to perform physical exercise focused on various aspects, such as losing weight, staying in the proper range , strengthen muscle mass and, in general, acquire guidelines to have a balanced diet.

On the portal, users have the possibility of receiving live or saved classes, with routines and difficulty levels to reinforce the different areas of the body. One of them is the pilates, which exercises the internal muscles, flexibility and control of breathing and mind. Also, in classes core + aerobic and fullbody strength and resistance are worked, facilitating the prevention of diseases, improvement of bone density, increase in muscle and improvement of sleep quality.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that it is possible to try a class to experience everything in first person, in which you learn about proper training habits and how to start or resume any sport without suffering injuries. In addition, the people enrolled begin to understand how the regulation of emotional health occurs. This is because more activity translates into an increase in energy, vitality, better mood and motivation to carry out daily tasks.

On the other hand, among the most important aspects of the exercise on-line At Ponte Fitness Gym, the complementary nutritional plans stand out, prepared by health professionals and designed for the different needs of each person.

packs and support from specialists

In addition to the portal with live classes and the other possibilities mentioned above, Ponte Fitness Gym offers two packages focused on improving physical condition, the immune system, reducing body fat and improving the quality of sleep in 3 months.

The Pack Ponte Fitness and Pack Ponte Fitness Gold programs have links to 18 videos of routines and classes by levels and body zones, 4 nutritional guides and a table with the structure of the training plan. The difference is that, for the latter, a 30-minute virtual private consultation is delivered with Pablo Ortega and a consultancy during the same time with Lara Alonso, graduated in Food Science and Technology, and in Nutrition and Dietetics.

The team of experts is complemented by Mónica Raya, an expert in Pilates and who teaches the classes online. Meanwhile, Fernando Aparicio and Alberto Paredes, in addition to Pablo himself, are the face-to-face trainers in Madridall of them graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

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