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Popular Diabetes Drugs Used for Weight Loss Are Hard to Find – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The diabetes drug shortage is hitting close to home for many North Texans and it’s causing frustration for those who rely on the medicine for survival.

Marie Thompkins has relied for years on the medication, Trulicity, to keep her blood sugar levels in check. But on Jan. 20, NBC 5 reported Thompson said she’d been unable to find it anywhere.

“I called all around Texas, to Walmart, all the pharmacies,” said Thompkins. “Nobody has any more.”

The shortage is part of the fallout from the widespread popularity of diabetes injections to lose weight.

The drugs work by regulating insulin levels and reducing appetite. The side effect can be significant weight loss. Only one version of the drug is approved to treat obesity.

“The landscape of anti-obesity medications and obesity treatments is evolving in a very exciting way,” said endocrinologist and medical director of the UT Southwestern Weight Wellness Program Dr. Jaime Almandoz.

Almandoz said the drugs could become a game changer for treating obesity, which is a chronic complex disease, but patients should talk with their doctors about which, if any of these injections, is right for them so that those who rely on their diabetes drug don’t get stuck searching and waiting for their next dose.

“It can be a challenging issue when something that is a medical treatment then goes viral,” said Almandoz.

“Right now, I’m currently on day three of not taking my medicine,” said Thompkins. “I can lose limbs. I can go blind. I can go into a diabetic coma. There’s so many things that can happen and it’s just frightening,” she added.


A viewer who takes the same medication as Thompkins reached out to NBC 5 after the above story aired on Jan. 20 with an offer to help.

With her doctor’s blessing, Thompkins met the generous North Texan to get a dose that will keep her diabetes in check for now.

Thompkins told us she is grateful for the big hearts of others.

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