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Pregnancy Nutrition – Whole Food Mommy Style

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Pregnancy Nutrition – Whole Food Mommy Style

I assumed that I might write about pregnancy nutrition – being that I’m at present pregnant with my third youngster. Before I begin explaining what I ought to be consuming and why – I want to ask the query: Does anybody else discover it exhausting to eat nutritionally wonderful whereas being pregnant?

My first trimester was the toughest.  I’ve nice pregnancies over all- the one small aspect-impact I really feel (solely within the 1st trimester) is feeling drained a lot of the day.  Combine that with feeling hungrier than usual- makes for some not so good consuming days.  I’ve undoubtedly modified my methods and have actually tried to give attention to consuming proper…however at occasions I nonetheless really feel like I’m falling brief.  I’ve stayed away from extremely processed meals, dairy and I eat animal protein sparingly (all illness inflicting meals) however am I getting sufficient of the great things?

What is the great things?

As you’ll be able to guess- the most effective eating regimen for a pregnant lady is a WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED DIET consisting of Vegetables, Fruits, Beans, Nuts and Seeds.  This is identical nutrient dense food regimen that’s beneficial for everybody.  BUT…there are a number of further meals which might be important when pregnant or nursing.

DHA and Omega-Three Fatty Acids

Nutrition for the mind.  These vitamins are important for optimum mind improvement for the unborn youngster in addition to a nursing toddler.  Since the mind is usually made from fat- it is sensible that we have to eat the proper fats to assist a healthy mind develop.

Flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts are nice examples of nice mind food that may maximize human potential.  Berries and greens are additionally wealthy in mind-favorable vitamins.

I attempt to eat walnuts and flax seeds (floor utilizing my espresso grinder) day by day, along with a Vegan DHA complement (bought from http://www.drfuhrman.com).


Pregnant ladies want extra every day protein of their food plan for progress of muscle tissues, bone, blood vessels and nerves in each mother and baby.  The wonderful thing about consuming a Whole Food Plant Based Diet is that I get loads of protein once I eat my cooked beans (1 cup cooked beans = 15 grams protein) and my nuts and seeds (15 grams = 1 cup walnuts or ½ cup sunflower seeds), and my darkish leafy greens (11 grams per 100 energy).

I attempt to concentrate on consuming 2 ounces of nuts and seeds day by day, have beans in at the very least certainly one of my meals and all the time attempt to eat darkish leafy greens- whether or not in my inexperienced drink, in a salad, or combined in with my meals.


This nutrient is required to make baby’s tooth and bones.  Again- very straightforward to eat sufficient calcium when consuming a nutrient dense food plan.  I get my calcium the identical method cows get their calcium…inexperienced greens.  Beans, sesame seeds and even oranges include numerous usable calcium, with out the issues related to dairy.

I attempt to give attention to consuming my GREENS every day and I additionally take an natural calcium complement a pair occasions of week.


Again- all of the wanted nutritional vitamins are present in entire meals.  Vitamin A= oranges and leafy greens.  Vitamin B = avocados, almonds and leafy greens.  Vitamin C = potatoes, citrus fruits and broccoli.  Vitamin D = sunshine.  Iron = apricots, darkish leafy greens and raisins.

I attempt to eat as many greens as I can.  I additionally take a multi-vitamin with all these important nutritional vitamins.

In abstract…three phrases:  DARK LEAFY VEGETABLES!  These are probably the most nutrient dense meals on the planet (Kale, Collard Greens, Chards, Spinach, Bok Choy, Mustard Greens, and so forth.)  I actually need to give attention to consuming these DAILY!

Eating an optimum eating regimen for pregnancy could be very doable when consuming a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.  This weblog has undoubtedly been good to remind myself what meals are wanted.  Have I eaten completely…No.  But I’m making an attempt 🙂  My mom gave me nice recommendation that I attempt to concentrate on in my day by day life:  To stay within the present- attempt to not dwell on the previous and even look an excessive amount of to the longer term. To give attention to consuming nicely in the present day… (not worrying about yesterday or how properly I’ll eat tomorrow) however how good I can take care of myself proper now. That’s the important thing when striving to perform goals- it actually appears to work for me.


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As Mommies, we attempt to feed our households the perfect. The huge query is what’s the greatest? During our quest to seek out this reply, we have researched and studied books that logically and scientifically show time and time once more that an entire food, plant based mostly food regimen is the BEST! By altering our diets we will change our lives, lose weight, have extra power, and stay an extended illness free life.

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