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Professional ballerina Elena Marco teaches fitness ballet

He fitness ballet blends classical ballet and fitness making it a unique and innovative sport. Today there are many people with this vocation who want to be coaches in this area, but it is important to know their requirements. Specialized trainers help their students to improve their technique, fulfill their dreams and achieve their physical goals. the academy of Fitness Ballet de Elena Marco is a prestigious school that teaches fitness ballet in madrid, directed by Elena Marco, professional dancer. Thanks to her experience, it is positioned as one of the best dance academies.

What is the profile of a coach fitness ballet?

The coaches of fitness ballet are trained ballet professionals who have developed a specialized approach to movement fitness. They can apply various techniques to improve the technique of their students and, at the same time, monitor their progress.

A good coach, apart from his vocation, must have certain requirements and qualities. It is essential that the professional has a certification, since this discipline requires new knowledge and requires adequate training. The organization to teach your classes is important for a coach. In addition, a good teacher must know the limitations of the people that make up their group in order to adapt their classes or sessions to their level.

In order to succeed in the objectives set, it is necessary for the tutor to be able to draw up an orderly plan. On the other hand, the coach must be a great motivator, implementing strategies that bring out the maximum potential of their students. Lastly, he must have experience and a passion for his work that rubs off on his students.

Course fitness ballet in Madrid for those who wish to become trainers

The coaches of fitness ballet play a crucial role in the physical and emotional well-being of their students. The performance of a ballet teacher is very important, because they help their students to achieve your goals safely and effectively.

Fitness Ballet is an academy that offers face-to-face courses and on-line for those who want to receive adequate training that allows them to exercise their vocation with professionalism. The course of fitness ballet in Madrid allows people to acquire valuable knowledge in record time, from the hand of a professional in this field: Elena de Marco, the director of the academy.

This course offers guided mentoring, teaches the student to create classes fusing ballet and fitness. In addition, the student will learn to create choreographies for their future students and the academy will give them an accreditation diploma at the end that will allow them to use the Fitness Ballet Elena Marco brand, together with the material implemented during the course.

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