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Promise Cup promotes young people in bodybuilding

The goal is clear in the Mexican Association of Physical Constructivismit is no longer just about promoting sports and good health, but developing bodies worthy of representing Mexico internationally.

“Year after year they continue to surprise us. Now it is no longer about playing sports just to keep fit or for health reasons, but also to develop the best physiques that lead our competitors to put the name of Mexico very high”, says Víctor Hernández, president of the AMFAF-NABBA Mexico, who is already preparing what will be the NABBA Cup, to be held on May 20 and 21.

Last weekend, more than 600 of the best beginners and novice exponents of Mexican bodybuilding gathered at the Promise Cup 2023 at the Carranza Cultural Center, to see who is shaping up to be the stars of the future of the AMFAF-NABBA Mexico.

After a fierce battle on the catwalk, the best bodies of beginner and rookie competitors were awarded, who competed for the first time, achieving encouraging results.

The absolute winners of the 2023 edition of the Promise Cup were Bryan Alexis Ramírez Guadarrama in
Bodybuilding Beginners and Classic Physique; Urzus Mendoza Calatayud in Bodybuilding Rookies and Men’s Classic Bodibuilding; in addition to Kevin Yoav Olguín Santibáñez in Bodybuilding Jr.

Alberto Guzmán Navarro also triumphed in the Boydbuilding Master; Antonio Gabriel Ricoy Zertuche at Men’s Sport Fitness; Cesar Reyes in Men’s Bermuda.

While in the women’s branch, Susana Loroña Magaña Valdez won the Woman Sport Fitness category. Finally, Yanet Alejandra Tovar Herrera and Naeth Padilla swept Miss Bikini.

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