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Protein, a new attraction for food distributors

The economic situation for Spanish households is going through a complex moment. The latest data, relative to the price of the basic shopping cartreveal that it has increased 1.31% between January and Februarywhich is equivalent to 39 cents, according to an analysis of the Financial Users Association (To its end).

In parallel, concern for the health care has multiplied exponentially. Every day there are more people who abandon a sedentary life based on ultra-processed foods and walk towards a healthy life styleled by the physical activity and one balance diet.

Aware of both realities, there are many food distribution companies who have opted to fill the shelves of their hypermarkets and supermarkets with protein-enriched products. This macronutrient, one of the three that provide energy to the human body, allows, among a large number of vital functions, allows the maintenance of muscle mass and the hypertrophy (phenomenon of growth in the size of muscle cells).

For months now, the Mercadona aisles have had the ‘+Protein’ selection, a range of desserts (yogurt, shakes or custard) with 0% fat

One of the companies that has opted for this trend is the Valencian Mercadona. So much so that, for months, its halls have had the selection +Proteins’, a range of desserts (yogurts, shakes or custard) with 0% fat. The great acceptance of consumers has led the company that leads Juan Roig to sell other products included in the selection, such as protein bread.

However, other distributors have also joined this trend in our country. It is the case of El Corte Inglés supermarketwhere the user can find a wide spectrum of products: bars, cookies, creams or shakes are just some of the options.

in the French company Carrefourthe customers of its hypermarkets can find a selection of products from the Portuguese multinational Prozisoffering whey protein concentrates or isolates, to which are added vegan options, that is, protein products that are made from food products of non-animal origin.


To the trend experienced by food distributors, we must add the good moment that the companies specialized in sports supplementation and that, thanks to his good work in social networksare achieving very high market shares.

Companies like Myprotein, Prozis, HSN, LifePro or foodspring, thanks to their good work on social networks, are achieving very high market shares

In addition to the aforementioned Prozis, there are others well-known in the field of fitness as myprotein, HSN, LifePro either foodspring. His followers, numbering in the millions, have catapulted these companies to high billing levels. A success that, moreover, has been reinforced by the agreements they have established with content creators in the field of physical activity.

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