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RAISE YOUR BACK: Exercises to improve body posture


bad body posture it not only spoils the image, but can also have serious health consequences. Spending many hours sitting without watching your posture, a sedentary lifestyle or flawed body positions can eventually lead to

issues for yours


muscles and

joints, especially from certain ages when the body begins to weaken. The good news is that it is never too late to

remedy itand these exercises that we propose are key to it.


harmful postures is, in most cases, an act

unconscious, so starting to become aware of this reality is the first step to remedy it. Normally, one begins to be aware of this problem when she begins to notice

inconvenience in the lower back or back. If not corrected in time, this can lead to


weakness in the


muscle pains,

fatigue And till

issues in it

respiratory or digestive system.

For this reason, these exercises that we propose are fundamental to

avoid the

appearance of these ailments or, in the event that you already have them,

relieve the symptoms. One of their great advantages is that they are very

easy to perform and

fit for

any kind of person, but it is essential that you pay special attention to the technique and the frequency with which you perform the exercise to avoid injuries. The

medical supervision and your doctor’s recommendations are essential before getting down to work.


Incorporating stretching into your daily routine will bring you benefits such as

reduction of

muscle tensionof the

stress and of the

inconvenience derived from a bad posture, from muscle or joint pain to headache. To adopt a good posture, the best stretches are those of

chest and

back, two of the areas that are most affected. These exercises

decrease the feeling of

heaviness and download the

strain that can accumulate in these parts of the body and that can lead to contractures.

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To make

chest stretchesyou just need to support an arm on a wall,

rotate the torso as much as possible and stay in that position for a few seconds. Then switch arms and repeat the process. In the case of

back stretchesWhat you have to do is put your arms behind your head and

stretch your back on a soft surfaceLike a pilates ball. Stay a few seconds in this position.

pelvic exercises

These exercises focus on the lower trunk and

strengthen the muscles of the


back and the

hips. Thanks to this, you can increase your stability and, consequently, achieve a better body posture. get high

face up on a mat with arms close to the body and knees bent. Keep your back as support and distribute the weight with the soles of your feet. Then, with the abdomen contracted,

elevates the pelvis and stay between 15 and 20 seconds in this position.

heel raises

Practicing heel raises help

align shoulders and back and they help you to be more firm and upright, in addition to giving you strength that will be of great help for your daily tasks. Stand up, with the

Legs togetherthe

Straight back and arms close to the body. He raises the

arms above head and, as they go up, take your heels off the ground until you are on tiptoes. Lower your arms little by little and accompany them with your breath. Repeat this exercise five times.

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benefits of yoga to correct body posture are well known, but it also has other advantages such as increased

flexibility or the

palliative effect versus

pains back or head. If you are not familiar with this discipline, put yourself in the hands of a

expert to advise you and help you find the technique that best suits you according to your needs and objectives.

chest breathing


awareness It is essential to correct your body posture, since many times we have internalized certain habits that end up damaging your physiognomy. Therefore, practice

breathing it is very beneficial in helping you to be more aware of your situation and remedy this problem. The

chest breathing It is an exercise that consists of sitting with your back straight, your abdomen contracted and your shoulders pulled back.

Inhale and exhale in such a way that

only the ribs move and not the abdomen, to achieve a correct chest expansion.

How improving your posture can help you lose weight

Among the benefits of achieving a correct body posture is the

weightloss. Neglecting the muscles of the abdomen or trunk can favor the

accumulation of fat and therefore weight gain. That is why, by watching our posture and trying to improve it, we also facilitate weight loss, and it will help you to

look much slimmer.

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