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Raquel Reitx shows off her abdomen at the Givenchy event

    Of all the events and red carpets that take place, something can always be highlighted, be it a looks daring or the toned physique of one of its protagonists. Example? Ana de Armas showing off her buttocks and strong abdomen at the Oscars, Taylor Swift showing off a toned abdomen at the Grammys or Heidi Klum showing off her toned abdomen at the premiere from ‘Avatar’.

    For this reason, we have decided to review the attendees of the latest Givenchy “Gentleman Society” event that was held just a few hours ago in Madrid. Result? After reviewing each and every one of the well-known faces that have attended the event, we have found the jewel in the crown: Raquel Reitx.

    Raquel Reitx hypnotizes with her marked six-pack

    The influencers was one of the guests at the event, where she made an impressive appearance wearing a ensemble that exposed part of his toned physique; specifically his strong abs. This is one of the photos of Raquel posing in front of the cameras in which the definition of her abdomen is perfectly appreciated.

    david benedictGetty Images

    Keys to strengthen the abdomen

    In general terms, we could summarize them in two words: food and training. To mark the abdomen it is essential to train and do specific routines for that area it can help you achieve it much faster. Have you ever heard of the core exercises? They are fantastic for strengthening the abdomen and very effective in terms of results.

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    Another fundamental aspect is food. Try to avoid ultra-processed foods and opt for healthy versions of your favorite dishes, which will help you to mark your abdomen much more. And of course, pay attention to your hydration. Avoid sugary and fizzy drinks and drink plenty of waterthis can also make a difference.

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