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Bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler has managed to stay in astounding shape as he closes in on 50 years of age. In a recent offering to Instagram, Cutler shared his take on ab training and named crunches, hanging raises, and ropes as his favorite movements. 

Jay Cutler was an imposing force during his bodybuilding career. His defined arms, chest, and detailed quads made him very difficult to stand against. He was also consistent and gritty, which helped him win a total of four Mr. Olympia titles. Having dethroned Coleman in 2006, Cutler continued to showcase his massive body on stage with great success. He pushed and defeated a slew of big names in the sport such as Kai Greene, Dennis Wolf, and Branch Warren. 

Cutler’s rivalry with eight-time winner Ronnie Coleman was perhaps the most exciting in bodybuilding history. The two men were constantly pushing each other to new competitive heights. Cutler admitted that some of his workouts were inspired by Coleman’s high-volume training style. In addition, Cutler revealed that he was forced to eat 140 egg whites daily to retain enough size to compete with Coleman. 

After retiring from bodybuilding, Cutler has kept a close eye on his fitness. He is approaching 50 years old but has maintained a fair balance of muscularity and conditioning. Before his next birthday, Cutler decided to transform his physique. 

In the months to come, fans hope to see him guest pose in Aug. at the return of Masters Olympia following an 11-year absence. In his latest venture, he offered fans a quick lesson on ab training with summer abound. 

Jay Cutler Gives Ab Training Tips, Says He Prefers Crunches, Hanging Raises, and Ropes 

Cutler said he trains abs every other day and always focuses on 15-20 repetitions. He stressed that ab training is intended to condition the muscle, not ‘necessarily build’ it. 

“Tips on ab training. I usually train abs every other day, especially when I’m training for a competition. Remember, the abs aren’t going to come out unless the body fat is low. But what is the ultimate rep range for your abs? I always focus on 15-20 repetitions.

Remember: you’re trying to condition the abs not necessarily build that muscle so I feel you need to do those exercises like the the crunches, like the ropes, like the hang raises, focus on 15-20 repetitions, condition the abs, get on the diet, and show the best physique. Summer is here,” Jay Cutler explained. 

This isn’t the first time that Jay Cutler has offered up some useful training advice. Days ago, the bodybuilding icon shared an arm-building hypertrophy workout he used to win four Mr. Olympia titles. During the video, Cutler revealed that he was eating six meals daily. He admitted his goal was to achieve a full, round, and hard physique. 

Additionally, Cutler is known for helping fans with workout techniques. Whether it’s his top three movements for building huge delts or a strategy for growing forearms and biceps, he understands how to maximize training results. 

With his physique goal a primary focus, Cutler discussed ‘getting bigger’ and leaner without bulking recently. The 49-year-old said it’s a misconception that bulking diets are needed for adding quality size. However, Cutler mentioned that if leanness is the goal, then measures like fasted cardio and morning workouts would be best implemented. 

As for PEDs, Cutler shared that he will only use testosterone replacement therapy for his latest transformation. When more extreme compounds like Trenbolone were discussed on his podcast, Cutler said he wasn’t interested.

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Jay Cutler is a living legend of the sport with a wealth of training knowledge. His ab workout tips are simple but effective, and they can help anyone achieve a shredded midsection.

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