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Ricky from The Box Challenge: know his facet as a sensual fitness model

As the competition in The Box Challenge progresses, Ricky has managed to gain more and more relevance within the City of Boxes, because not only became the team captain Beta, to whom he gave another face from the second phase, but is respected by his rivals, since he is seen as a man who knows how to find a balance between play and coexistence.

At the same time, he has not been observed involved in controversies or misunderstandings with other participants, since he likes to maintain calm relationships with each one of them and become the guide of his classmates, since he is aware that the mind plays a fundamental role in test performance, despite the fact that on occasion he has had arguments with Sara.
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Out of competition, Ricky is a crossfit athlete, passionate about exercise and for achieving a body full of health and well-being, which is why he is faithfully committed to following his routines when training, with the aim of achieving more and more goals.

It should be noted that this member of the blue team was prepared by Tiffi, a former participant in The Box Challenge, for which they have been seen together on several occasions.
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On the social networks of this samarium, who already has more than 86,000 followers, we can see several photographs of him doing crossfit, being a fitness model and showing off how marked his body is, because he definitely has an abdomen full of squares.

In turn, he has also shared content with a much more personal meaning, which has inspired him to keep going: initially it is his family, his wife and daughter, who have become his driving force and to whom he has dedicated several victories. On the other hand, there is the great physical and mental change that he has had thanks to crossfitwhich is why he also makes motivational videos to encourage others on this path, which is not easy at all.
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As other curious facts about this challenger, we can see him as an ambassador for a sportswear brand, especially focused on crossfit athletes, and as owner of a cinnamon roll business called Scrolls of Heaven.

Definitely, Ricky has become that platonic love of several Colombians, who not only admire him for what he has achieved in The Box Challenge, where test to test stands out much more, but for that waste of sensuality that he has had on his social networks.

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