Rob Gronkowski’s Brother Who Took Down Fitness Trainer in Intense Challenge Unveils Surprising Pets in Latest IG Post

The 4 times Super Bowl winner, Rob Gronkowski, was often compared with the GOAT himself. He was the best tight end in the league and was Tom Brady‘s biggest ally. His unfortunate back injury was one of the many reasons he retired from the game. And after retirement, Rob started helping his brother, Chris Gronkowski, with the latter’s Ice Shaker company. Gronkowski brothers are dominating the market even after their retirement. And, it seems the non-NFL brother has a new guest in his life.

Chris is a very successful businessman and also very serious about his physique. He recently took down a bodybuilding trainer in an intense wall burpee challenge. Aside from his peak athletic physique, he lives the retired life very quietly and happily. And recently, he welcomed some astonishing pets to his home.

Rob Gronkowski’s brother has been busy


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Chris is very passionate about his Ice Shaker business, and it already shows how successful it has become. The Gronkowski brothers have come very far from the Shar Tank days to make a successful business that generates a massive amount of revenue. He also runs a fitness program that has been very successful.

As the business ventures were booming, the former fullback finally fancied himself with a new home. And before moving into the house, their three new mini donkey pets were shipped to the house. Chris posted a picture on Instagram of him standing with the mini donkeys and 3 of his sons.

The donkeys look really adorable in the photo. They are seen munching on the grass while Chris poses to the camera. The former fullback posted the picture with a caption that read, “They got to move into the new place before us. ” He also chose adorable names for the donkeys, being, Finkle, Einhorn, and Aguado.

Three names of those donkeys are taken from a very famous comedy movie, Ace Ventura, starring Jim Carey. Chris clearly has a sense of humor and his fans appreciate him for it. His three sons are also seen in the video, trying too little to pose for the camera. But it is indeed a very adorable picture, and the fans showered love on the happy family.

Fans react to the cutest addition to Chris’s family

The Gronkowski brothers are still one of the most influential athletes in the NFL world. Aside from kicking it in the field, they also dominated their post-retirement route. Fans still tune in to see the Gronkowski brothers’ day to day to activities on social media. Chris mostly posts his fitness reels and pictures on his Instagram page, but upon posting the picture of his new 3 adorable pets, the fans were in awe.

Some of the fans wrote, “When can I move in?


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Ohemgeee! How cute are they! I want some now.

Another fan caught the former fullback’s attempt to the clever names, and commented, “Wait isn’t Finkle , Einhorn..

Also one of the fans wrote a clever comment, saying, “I thought one would be named ice, the other one shay and the third one be Ker


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To sum it up, Even if the Gronkowski brothers have retired, they are not done. It is not their last dance and we will definitely hear from them very soon.

Watch This Story: Rob Gronkowski’s 36-Year-Old Brother Takes Down Bodybuilding Trainer in Intense Wall Ball Burpee Challenge

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