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Rosa López and her incredible nude that makes the networks burn

    Rosa López has just uploaded a real naked. Yes, we repeat, Rosa from Spain has just shared a spectacular posing completely nude!

    We are not going to go into the reason for the photo, nor the title it has, but we are going to focus on what is strong, what is safe and, simply, in how spectacular it looks in this snapshot that, surely, a few years ago we would not have even imagined seeing in it feed of their social networks.

    And it is that, if a few months ago, we saw her overcome her fears posing with a striking pink and neon yellow swimsuit, now, does it completely naturally (with a few slight pixels in the censorship-prone areas, you know) waking up the flaming emoji in the comments.

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    A image which shows that, since she rose to fame as the first winner of Operación Triunfo more than twenty years ago, has not stopped evolving looking for its best version. And no, we are not talking only about her already mentioned loss of more than 40 kilos in five years, but also in the field of mental health, being one of her great pillars.

    Rosa López and the steps she has taken to achieve that slim figure

    In the course of these years, rose lopez He has been sharing with his followers his infallible tips to achieve his physique or, even, his demanding exercise routine (where he has come to lift a symbolic 110 kilos in a squat), making us witnesses to all of the step by step of his physical evolution until arriving at the present time and that incredible perched.

    One where their arms and of course, her toned belly does not go unnoticed. He has been strengthening his incredible arms with combined exercises, varying a jumping jack with push-ups, while the abdomen, the great protagonist of the publication, has been toning it through his multiple routines (his abs and buttocks training left us completely ko, but it works) in sight is.

    Now if you don’t know very well how to get toned abdomen and Rosa has motivated you with her nude to achieve your goal, this routine designed by our trainer of the month to show off some abs of steel as the singer you will find it most useful. To enjoy!

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