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Rosa López lifts 110 kilos in a squat and leaves us KO

    Since a few years ago he set out to start his fitness path, Rosa López has done nothing but improve herself day by day. It is not only that the singer has lost up to 40 kilos in the last five years, but that she has worked on her mind and incorporated sports into her daily life as one more habit. Not to say that if we look only at the physical level his progression in the gym has been impressiveeasily raising the weights of your exercises.

    His strength work has been uniform, with back training or arm routines with which he has achieved a strong and muscular upper body, training full body or routines to work your legs. Of the latter without a doubt the squat is his star exercise. Until now we had seen the singer lift 80, 85 and even 100 kilos, but today she has surpassed herself: has managed to move 110 kilos.

    A figure that is already impressive and that hides a much deeper and more significant background for the singer: she herself came to weigh 110 kilos. This is how he told it on his Instagram account: “110 kilos that he missed for reasons other than weight or insecurities. 110 kilos that lived in my body 20 years ago, and that 40 of them (that the scale marked) left me, for today to take them WITH ALL MY LOVE, and from outside, with steel!! and remind me that my weight was not the reason for my unconstructive emotions.

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    “If something is worth taking today (as a challenge) these 110 kilos, is to celebrate the understanding of lessons and many past momentsexperiences that I thought were going nowhere, defeatist thoughts that led to other directions…” wrote the singer. An emotional reflection that reminds us how our body can do much more than we think and how many times our mind is our biggest obstacle.

    Some mental limits that the artist is breaking even more if possible in her participation in The challenge, where the singer is testing her physical abilities in all its aspects: water, dance, skills… We are looking forward to seeing how Rosa evolves, both in the program and in the gym. Cheer up!

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