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Routine to strengthen glutes, abdomen and back with Paula Ellis

Third routine of our ‘Trainer of the Month’ for February!

We continue to give our whole body a blast thanks to the routines that the person in charge of keeping us active in this second month of the year has prepared for us. Paula Ellis (networking @paulaellisfit) And today he comes with a clear objective in his head: to make you gain strength and stability in the core area to improve your posture and avoid injuries. It is an ambitious challenge, like all those proposed by Paula, but not impossible. You will only have to save this exercise circuit as a treasure and repeat it with the instructions that we leave you below to avoid bad postures in the movements. Are you ready?

Fernando Roi HEARST

Before starting the routine, let’s get to know our ‘Coach of the Month’ a little more. This is all you need to know about Paula Ellis before training with her.

How did your relationship with sport begin?

My parents have always instilled in me the sport since I was little. When I was 4 years old they put my first skis on me. On the one hand, I grew up with my mother’s passion for horse riding, and today we both continue to ride horses. In 1990, my mother was a member of the Spanish Bodybuilding Association, a fact that surely marked my genes when I was born a year later.

On the other hand, my father was an example of discipline and perseverance with bodybuilding, and he still is. What’s more, I remember accompanying him to the gym in the afternoons and playing while he trained. Currently, he designed his training routines and set the guidelines for sports supplementation.

At school, he spent recess hours playing soccer. Later, I federated in this sport, I also competed in athletics and ended up in the fitness world where i found My true passion.

Where does your motivation to train come from?

without a doubt, from me passion for the sport and the healthy life style. In addition, I always apply 3 keywords in all areas of my life: perseverance, effort and sacrifice. The values ​​instilled through sport have given me positive feedback and I try to transmit these values ​​to people in order to internalize them in their learning process.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced lately?

My biggest challenge was to retire from the world of fitness competitions and focus my goals on maintaining a healthy life style in general. For this reason, I rely on flexible nutrition and, at the training level, I prioritize maintaining optimal physical condition in the long term.

Currently, what fills me the most is promoting health, fun and teamwork by participating in obstacle courses, as well as inspiring and uniting people through sporting events for solidarity purposes.

What is essential for you to start training?

First of all, motivationbut since not every day we start from the same level, sometimes, discipline. Before starting training, he marked a clear objective and I visualize the general structure of the routine and the specific exercises that I am going to do. Once we start the training, it is essential to execute a technique correct. Therefore, the first series of each exercise is considered as an approach and it is the perfect moment to adapt the weights according to each person.

Another important factor is the daily nutritionpre and post training intake play a key role in sports performance.

In summary, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle in general, I base myself on 3 fundamental pillars: nutrition, training and psychology. Additionally, in all the training I give I like to include a fourth essential pillar: rest.

What advice would you give someone preparing to train with you?

  1. Be clear about your aim and let it be reachable.
  2. Rely fully in me as a guide in his process of change.
  3. A open mind and willing to learn and build a solid training foundation.
  4. Be constant and be willing to strive to achieve goals in the short, medium and long term.
  5. Lean on me as a sports psychologist. be transparent If at any time there was any interference that would affect your consistency with training.

      About yourself: tell us about your work, your current and future projects…

      My base starts as a Clinical and Sports Psychologist, but after graduating I did a master’s degree in Nutrition applied to Training and another in Sports Management to complete the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, I am currently finishing the development of the MyFitLife platform to help people have a complete guide on nutrition, training and psychology. On the other hand, I work at WEIDER NUTRITION and, after 8 years in the company, my current position is Sales Representative in Madrid and Head of large national and international accounts. Additionally, I have years of experience in Marketing, product development and delivering nutrition training throughout Europe. My future is very promising, since I have dreams to fulfill such as the launch of MyFitLife, write a book based on Psychology and continue to grow in the world of fitness on an international scale.

      Full body routine III to strengthen the core and gain stability

      Now that you have all the information and motivation you need to do this training, let’s get started! In this routine you will work on stability and mobility, while strengthening the CORE. You will need to:



      kettlebell 4kg



      Now yes, we start with the routine. It is a circuit of 4 series and you will have 1 to 2 minutes of rest after completing each lap.

      Exercise 1: Kettlebell Swing with hand change


      • Respect the shoulder-elbow-wrist line and bend the elbow slightly to avoid joint lock.
      • Perform a total of 10 repetitions.

        Exercise 2: Lateral lunge with take off


        • Do not project the body forward to avoid loading the knee.
        • Do 8 repetitions on each side.

          Exercise 3: Alternating backward lunge with hand change


          • Check that the knees do not project inwards.
          • Perform a total of 10 repetitions.

            Exercise 4: Lateral lunge with vertical press


            • Remember not to project the body forward to avoid loading the knee.
            • Do 8 repetitions on each side.

              Exercise 5: Kettlebell Swing with horizontal press


              • Remember to respect the shoulder-elbow-wrist line.
              • Do 8 repetitions on each side.

                    Video: Diego Rueda.
                    Photo: Fernando Roy.
                    Makeup and hairdressing: Tati Garu
                    Clothes: decathlon and Weider.
                    Materials: Fitness Deluxe and ZIVA.

                    Digital writer, specialist in beauty, fashion and female empowerment at Women’s Health.

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