RumbleRoller – Mid Size 22 Inches – Black – Extra Firm – Textured Muscle Foam Roller – Relieve Sore Muscles- Your Own Portable Massage Therapist – Patented Foam Roller Technology

As someone who has not used the RumbleRoller foam roller before, I was intrigued by its promising performance and therapeutic benefits. The product description highlights that it is designed to improve muscle tightness and provide deep tissue therapy. This piques my interest because I often experience muscle soreness and tension after workouts, so I am eager to find a solution that can alleviate these issues.

One of the standout features of the RumbleRoller is its unique design. Unlike traditional foam rollers, it incorporates a series of bumps that continuously knead the contours of your body. This design allows for a more effective massage by gently stretching the soft tissue in multiple directions and targeting trigger points. This is particularly appealing to me as I have found that traditional foam rollers often don’t reach the deeper layers of muscle, leaving me feeling unsatisfied with the results.

Another aspect that caught my attention is the variety of sizes available. The Full-Size (31″) RumbleRoller seems suitable for home use, as it can target larger muscle groups and provide a full-back massage in one pass. On the other hand, the Compact (12″) RumbleRoller seems perfect for those who are always on the go, as it can easily fit in a gym bag or backpack. Additionally, the Mid-Size (22″) RumbleRoller offers a convenient middle ground for those who want versatility without compromising effectiveness.

The product description also provides valuable information on choosing the right firmness/density. The Original Density (Blue) RumbleRoller is recommended for beginners or those who have had positive experiences with conventional foam rollers. It strikes a balance between being gentle yet effective. On the other hand, the Extra Firm (Black) RumbleRoller is designed for experienced users or those with denser muscle tissue. Its stiffer bumps allow for a more intense massage and are suitable for targeting specific areas like the glutes or hamstrings.

What sets the RumbleRoller apart from other foam rollers on the market is its high-quality construction. The description emphasizes that this product is built with better materials and construction methods, making it more durable and long-lasting compared to other foam rollers. This gives me confidence that investing in a RumbleRoller will not only provide immediate relief but also last me for a longer period of time.

In conclusion, the RumbleRoller foam roller seems like an innovative and effective solution for those looking to improve muscle tightness and enjoy deep tissue therapy. Its unique design, choice of sizes, and firmness options make it suitable for a wide range of individuals. Additionally, the high-quality construction ensures that this foam roller will provide long-term benefits. Although I have not personally used this product yet, the detailed product description has given me confidence in its effectiveness and durability. I am excited to try the RumbleRoller and experience the benefits it promises.
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Product Details :

Product Description

PERFORM BETTER + FEEL BETTER! RumbleRoller’s patented massage tools incorporate the perfect mix of shape, firmness, and resiliency. If you’re serious about feeling, moving, and performing better, you owe it to yourself to try the amazing RumbleRoller foam roller.

ELITE MUSCLE + DEEP TISSUE THERAPY. If you’re like most athletes, your muscular tightness is beyond what a conventional foam roller can cure. Using harder rollers or PVC pipe isn’t enough, because their inflexible surfaces don’t work well around bones or get close enough to muscle attachments. You need more advanced tools that go deeper into the muscle to the origin of your pain. RumbleRoller is the answer: its patented series of bumps continuously knead the contours of your body, gently stretching soft tissue in multiple directions and effectively hitting trigger points.

REDUCE YOUR STRESS! Not only does it provide deep muscle and connective tissue massage, but the RumbleRoller helps you with relaxation and the easing of stress – whether it’s from a tough training session, an intense competition, or just a long day at work!


Select the Full-Size (31”) RumbleRoller if you plan to use it in a single location, like at home. It’s long enough to roll the widest part of your back in one pass; you can roll both legs (quads, hamstrings, and/or calves) at the same time; and you can even transition from one IT band to the other without moving the roller.

For portability, choose the Compact (12”) RumbleRoller to fit easily in your gym bag, backpack, or carry-on luggage. The Compact is a favorite of many runners and triathletes who transport their RumbleRollers from race to race. The smaller diameter (5″ vs. 6″ for the full-size model) may also to conform better to the curvature of some body parts, such as the neck.

And, if you can’t decide….the Mid-Size (22″) Rumble Roller is perfect. This is an ideal size for the entire body. Like all the sizes, it is available in Original and Extra Firm.


We recommend the Original Density (Blue) RumbleRoller if you’re new to foam rolling or have gotten positive results from any type of conventional foam roller. Even though this is our “softest” roller, it’s still more aggressive than any other foam roller on the market. For most people, including professional athletes, the Original Density (Blue) RumbleRoller is the better choice, since its bumps are more flexible and more actively grip and manipulate soft tissue.

You may prefer the Extra Firm (Black) RumbleRoller if you’re primarily using it on thicker muscles like glutes or hamstrings, are trying to dig deeply in around the hip capsule, are working on scar tissue from prior surgeries, or are accustomed to rolling on PVC pipe. The bumps on the the Extra Firm (Black) RumbleRoller are considerably stiffer, and give it a “spikier” feel, for experienced users with especially dense muscle tissue that doesn’t respond to normal massage pressure.

COUNT ON THE HIGHEST QUALITY. RumbleRoller builds its muscle foam rollers using better quality materials and more robust construction methods than conventional foam rollers. This means that RumbleRollers don’t break down and need frequent replacement like other muscle or back rollers – making them a durable, smarter long-term investment.

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