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Running & Urinary Incontinence • 4 Tips for Women

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by Pauline Six

Lucie, a 31-year-old runner, is affected by urinary incontinence. She has been an energetic runner for seven years. Ashamed of her leaky bladder situation, she doesn’t dare inform a soul. She wears safety to keep away from wetting her underwear. Since the topic is considerably taboo amongst her friends, we’d like to assist Lucie and anybody else affected by this situation by eradicating the stigma and addressing this health problem.  

While bladder leakage is actually annoying, it shouldn’t stop women – or males – from operating and preserving a regular training schedule. Although urinary incontinence may have an effect on males, women usually tend to undergo from the situation in some unspecified time in the future of their lives. For this cause we’re focusing right here on bladder leakage amongst women. We’ve damaged down the issue and recognized some easy options.   

What is bladder leakage? 

Medically referred to as “Stress Urinary Incontinence” (SUI), the situation describes involuntary bladder leakage. This is commonly triggered by an energetic life-style, like that of a runner, however may come from coughing, sneezing or laughing too arduous. Unfortunately, SUI comes with little to no warning indicators; with out the urge to make use of the toilet, it usually catches you fully without warning. 

How female runners can deal with urinary incontinence

How does bladder leakage occur? 

Simply put, SUI happens when bladder strain exceeds your inside capability throughout exercise. 

Imagine an inflated balloon held closed by a chunk of string wrapped across the opening. When the balloon turns into too inflated, the string unties itself and the air contained in the balloon is launched. 

For women, operating creates vertical strain on the perineum resulting from gravity, which may trigger leakage. 

As a woman athlete, it’s essential to stability heavy abdominal workouts with training to strengthen the perineal muscle mass or pelvic ground. Bladder leakage impacts many feminine athletes; those that focus extra on strengthening stomach muscle mass than perineal muscle mass usually tend to undergo from this situation. 

Stress Urinary Incontinence: the first threat components  

  • Age: People over 65 have a larger threat of growing SUI. 
  • Body Mass Index: A excessive BMI is an recognized threat issue for the incidence of SUI. (1
  • Pregnancy & Childbirth: Trauma throughout childbirth is related to weakening of the perineum, resulting in SUI.(2

Risk of incontinence in women based mostly on exercise kind 

Incontinence amongst feminine athletes varies in response to the bodily exercise. Here is an inventory of widespread sports activities divided into threat ranges:

High threat sports activities 

  • Running  
  • Acrobatic gymnastics
  • Aerobics
  • Hurdling
  • Basketball 
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Martial arts 

Moderate-risk sports activities

Low-risk sports activities

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Roller skating
  • Golf 

Managing Leaky Bladder While Running 

For occasional small leaks whereas operating, the best answer is utilizing bladder management tampons. This could also be all you have to keep away from any threat of leakage throughout an outing. 

If you expertise urinary incontinence often, it’s essential to get to the basis of the issue. Rather than in search of out momentary fixes, let’s have a look at a couple of strategies for higher bladder management, so you possibly can simply… run. 

Tips for female runners to manage leaky bladder

1. Perineal Rehabilitation 

The central thought is to carry larger consciousness to the perineal muscle mass. Exercises targeted on these muscle mass assist to strengthen and tone the pelvic ground, which might help stop SUI. 

Exercise you are able to do at residence: Lying in your again, knees bent together with your toes on the ground. Exhale deeply, tuck in your abdomen, then contract the perineum as if attempting to dam the urge to urinate. Hold the contraction for 10 seconds. Release for 20 seconds. Repeat 10 instances. 

2. Abdominal strengthening 

This side of training is essential, along side perineal exercises. Urinary incontinence in athletes is partly brought on by stomach strain. 

Abdominal “crunches” ought to be averted. When the shoulders are introduced in towards the pelvis, it could trigger a rise in intra-abdominal strain, resulting in an elevated threat in leakage. 

Core training is how we strengthen the transverse stomach muscle, which reduces extreme stomach strain, leading to much less bladder leakage for women athletes. Athletes can carry out ventral, lateral or dorsal plank exercises. These exercises will be carried out statically or dynamically, which makes the exercise harder and simpler. 

3. Breathing exercises 

It’s essential to work on your breathing so as to create a healthy synergy between your diaphragm and your stomach muscle mass. A easy method to accomplish that is to tuck within the stomach whenever you breathe. Learning find out how to breathe properly while running or strength training can even enable you to get extra out of your workouts. 

4. Bladder leakage surgical procedure 

If all else fails, the strategy for treating SUI is surgical therapy. Consult your physician for the best therapy plan.

Let’s discuss it 

Urinary stress incontinence is a typical situation that feminine athletes ought to really feel completely free to debate. So, let’s put an finish to the taboo and share our experiences. Strengthening your pelvic ground muscle mass is at all times a good suggestion, so bear in mind: mixed abdominal-perineal strengthening is essential. The finest information is, you possibly can neglect crunches, as a result of they solely make the matter worse.


About the creator:

Pauline Six is a sports activities drugs doctor for Running Care. She specializes within the rehabilitation of athletes (from preliminary analysis to re-training). Pauline is a passionate runner; she competes in lengthy distance path operating and triathlons. 


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