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Russian twists: what they are and how to do them

There are several exercises with which you can work the shoulders and abdomen. One of the most effective is the russian twist, that is, the Russian twists. It is a simple movement that you can include in your sports routine with the aim of marking your waist and exercising your obliques. By following some basic tips, you will be able to obtain all the benefits of this well-executed exercise.

And it is that, in addition to working the abdominal area, the Russian twists help to reinforce the spine, strengthening it and thus avoiding those annoying pains that people who spend many hours in front of a computer, either in the office or in the office, usually feel. or in your own home. To discover everything about Russian twists, what they are and how to do themIn addition to the benefits that its practice brings, we at OneHOWTO recommend that you continue reading this article.

What are Russian twists

The Russian twists are a very simple exercise that can be done by all kinds of people, that is, both beginners in the fitness world like more experienced people. Depending on your physical condition, you can add a greater load and increase the difficulty of the exercise. the russian twists consist of turning the torso, moving the hands from one side to the other and without moving the legs. During the movement, the abdomen must remain contracted to achieve stability throughout the body. In physical level function For each person, you can use a medicine ball, dumbbell, kettlebell, or other material.

However, if you have just started in the world of fitness and you are going to do Russian twists for the first time, in oneHOWTO we recommend that you you execute the movement without any type of material. By using more weight, your abdomen and back will be forced to make a greater effort and, if you do not master this technique, your spine may suffer.

Do not forget that, as with other exercises, it is essential to know and execute the technique well to avoid injuries or physical discomfort during your practice. If you have any questions about the movement of the Russian twists, consult a trainer or any fitness specialist so that they can guide you in carrying out the exercise.

Benefits of doing Russian twists

Doing Russian twists brings multiple benefits to your body. These are the main ones:

  • strengthen the obliqueshe core and the column vertebral. Find out what the core is and why it is important to strengthen it.
  • It is a basic exercise with which you work the balancebuild a stability in your spine and trim the midsection in one fell swoop.
  • To get the benefits of Russian twists, it will be enough to include them in your training routine two or three times a week.
  • On the other hand, if you regularly practice a sport that depends on the rotational force such as golf or kickboxingyou should increase the frequency of Russian twists and do them up to four times a week.

How to do Russian twists

One of the great advantages offered by this exercise is that you only need one mat to do it. If you have an optimal physical level, you can increase the difficulty of the movement by adding weight.

These are the steps to follow to do the Russian twists correctly:

  1. Begin the exercise by placing yourself on the mat. Lean your torso back until you get position yourself at an angle of 45either.
  2. next, bend your knees and raise your feet slightly so that they do not touch the ground. In this way, the buttocks will be your only point of support with the ground.
  3. keep the contracted abdomen at all times. If it is the first time you do the Russian twists or you do not have much strength in this abdominal area, put your feet on the ground; thus, you will avoid that your back is overloaded.
  4. move the torso moving hands from side to side. If you use a plate, a weight, a kettlebell or any other type of heavy material, make sure that this object do not touch the ground at each turn done. To maintain balance and control at all times, do the exercise slowly.
  5. Beam several series of Russian twists with 15 or 20 repetitions in each one.

To correctly perform Russian twists, it is essential that you maintain a correct position. Prevents the back from slouching or bow more than it should. To achieve this, it is essential that you maintain the area contracted abdomen.

If this exercise in standard version involves a load of excessive work for the flexors of your back or hip, in oneHOWTO we recommend you to include the following modification during the execution: kneel on a mat or mat and lie down at a 60 degree angle approximately. In this way, you will feel more stability and you will be able to turn from side to side. This engages the glutes and core, but also shortens the range of motion compared to running. standard realization of Russian twists.

Now that you know the Russian Twists: what they are and how to do them, you should know what the Dragon flag is: how to do it and the muscles involved.

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