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Ryan Reynolds’ training and diet to get into the skin of the muscular Deadpool

It will be in November 2024 when we see the third installment of ‘Deadpool’ in theaters, one of Marvel’s funniest and most charismatic superheroes, masterfully played by Ryan Reynolds, who got into his skin for the first time in 2016. Time has passed, the actor is walking towards 50, but in his body it is not noticeable. You just have to see the photos shared by his personal trainer for almost fifteen decades, Don Saladino, who has already put his client in “Deadpool mode” for the filming of the tape. This is how Ryan Reynolds trains and eats to prepare this comic book character made into a movie again.

Saladino not only occasionally shares photos of Ryan Reynolds “beating himself up” in the gym, he has also shared some of the secrets of the actor’s training and nutritional planwho is “stung” on social networks – Reynolds is doing the march on Instagram because he also stings often with his wife, the actress Blake Lively – with his close friend Hugh Jackman, who will also participate in ‘Deadpool 3’ with his iconic Wolverine.

In an interview with Insider, Don Saladino explains that beyond publicly joking with Jackman to see who gets stronger, Reynolds is focused on competing with himself above all else. According to his personal trainer, Ryan Reynolds works hard in the gym, making him easy to train, and is strict about his diet, although he isn’t very restrictive with it. “He’s not starving himself. He’s eating, he’s feeding his body,” says the personal trainer.

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