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Sandra Bullock and her fitness routine for an impact silhouette at 58 years old

Sandra Bullock it’s ours fitness inspo of life, because although last June she announced her retirement from the big screen, this has not been an impediment for the actress to put aside her exercise routine and eating plan that, as we can see in her latest photos on the premiere from The Lost City, she still looks stunning from head to toe.

And it is that since the protagonist of Bird Box began her career, the also producer has been characterized by her perseverance and discipline, which has allowed her to be successful, look impressive and be full of energy for her work, her family and of course, herself. What has been her training over the years? We reveal it to you!

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Sandra Bullock’s exercise routine

To keep fit, it is well known that Sandra Bullock He has an infallible training that he attends daily. The actress trains in the studio fitness ‘Body by Simone’, founded by the former dancer and currently coach of the stars, Simone De La Rue, who trains several celebrities of Hollywood through a method that combines dance, cardio, yoga and pilates.


Your workout allows you to have healthy skin, hair and body.

However, in addition to these exercises, the actress also complements her Physical conditioning with the integration of kick boxingcardiovascular exercises, weight lifting, bicycling and running.

What is Sandra Bullock’s eating plan?

The actress is careful with her diet, and by this we do not mean that she restricts herself from what she likes the most, but that she knows how to choose the appropriate portions of each food to have a complete and balanced nutrition. In turn, he eats five to six times a day to keep his metabolism active.

On the other hand, try to keep your meals low in carbohydrates, avoiding eating bread, pasta or white rice, and always choosing fresh food and organic.

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The interpreter makes sure to always eat the right portions and what she needs for each food.

Without a doubt, these fitness secrets of Sandra Bullock they are key to reaching 50’s as stunning as she is. Do you have any in common with the actress?

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