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Sascha Fitness talks about true beauty beyond the physical

The influencer Sascha Fitnessour favorite star in the world of exercise on social networks, revealed through the podcast Me Vale Madre, how she educates her daughters about leading a healthy life, but without falling into the extremes of counting calories.

Although we live in a hyper-connected world, this is not always synonymous with a ‘well-informed’ society. Although the Internet has completely changed the way we consume content, as is the case with TikTok, not everything has been perfect in this relentless digital revolution.

The relentless standards of beauty are still present, but there are figures like Sascha who are doing their bit not only on camera, but also in the most important circle: their family. Next, we reveal what she said about beauty and the education that she gives her daughters.

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Sascha Fitness shares the empowering message she gives her family

To address the issue of child self-esteem, Sascha confessed that there is no better way than teach by example from parents, something that although it is quite a challenge, is essential for children to really learn to respect themselves.

‘I want them to understand that they are more than a pretty face, and that their value does not come from being pretty, because beauty is ephemeral, it goes away, and beauty is also subjective… I program them so they understand that beauty comes from within and they are much more than that’, the influencer began by commenting.

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The Venezuelan detailed how she instructs her daughters to accept her body.

In addition to speaking about the example that should always prevail in education, he also emphasized self love that we reflect in front of them.

‘A lot of what we are going to teach our children comes through example, because you can say a lot, but they are watching you all the time. How you talk about yourself, what are you doing, the reasons why you do things,’ she mentioned.

Thanks to Sascha Fitness grew up away from negative comments by her mother during childhood, she pointed out that this has been fundamental in raising her daughters: ‘I am trying to make them grow in a balanced environment, that they eat healthy because it is the gasoline that you give to your body and just as you don’t make a building with poor quality material because it falls, the same is the body’.

Finally, the influencer assured that the key to a healthy educationis to take the good learning that our mothers left us, but without forgetting that each child is different and the most important thing is that they themselves learn to accept and assimilating that there are many body types in the world, which is fine and perfectly normal.

‘I feel that the self-esteem part of ourselves, to deprogram ourselves, not repeat patterns and teach our children that they are more than what they see in the mirror,’ he concluded. Bravo for sharing this powerful self love message!

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