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Save nearly 50% on this Coolife luggage set with 18,000 perfect Amazon ratings

Planning your next getaway? Before you start packing your bags, take inventory of the bags themselves. Is your trusty old luggage set prepared to go the distance? Because nothing throws a monkey wrench in a perfectly lovely vacation like a broken handle, a wonky wheel or — worst of all — a stuck zipper! If your suitcases have seen better days, give yourself a fresh start with Amazon’s incredible deal on the fan-favorite Coolife Luggage 3-Piece Set. This sale is the holy grail: It’s a popular pick with more than 18,000 five-star ratings and a discount that goes above and beyond: 46% off.


Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set

You’ll definitely spot these stunners on the luggage carousel! This trio of hardshell suitcases (20, 24 and 28 inches) are most heavily discounted in chic colors like champagne (pictured), royal blue and silver, but you can find various degrees of savings in the other hues too — there are more than 20 in total!

$161 at Amazon

If you’re wondering what makes this Coolife Luggage 3-Piece Set so covetable, it boils down to three key features: the suitcases are lightweight, durable and easy to maneuver. That’s because the hardshell is made of impact-resistant ABS, or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which is known for being lightweight. That not only makes this luggage easier to lift, but also easier to wheel around the aiport.

Three piece luggage set

This Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set is so rugged, we almost can’t believe it’s just $161! (Photo: Amazon)

“Very easy to maneuver, even my 5-year-old can push them,” is how one five-star reviewer put it. “Four years, countless trips and still going strong.” Another wrote, “I am especially impressed with how quiet and smooth the wheels maneuver.”


Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set

These Coolife bags come with TSA-approved locks to keep your valuables safe, plus an ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle and multi-directional 360-degree wheels so they’re easy to handle. Traveling is stressful enough; this set keeps this going smoothly.

$161 at Amazon

Coolife Luggage is tried-and-true, and fans are flocking to Amazon to give glowing testimonies. Even frequent travelers are raving about how hardcore this luggage is.

One reviewer called the 3-Piece Set “road warrior approved” and wrote, “I travel for a living. Every week I am flying to another city for work. I normally only get about 2 years out of a set of luggage, even the very expensive brands that claim the best durability…I tried Coolife this go around and so far I am impressed. I have had Coolife for about six months and they are holding up fine.”

“So far luggage has gone on seven flights and one train ride since purchased,” wrote another fan who put them to the test. “Oh, and I dropped the smallest case accidently down a few steps. No dents or scratches. Zippers are perfect after over stuffing cases and sturdy handles/wheels, no problems. I looked at so many cases and glad these were my choice.”


Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set

Now that you know this Coolife set is rugged as heck, how about the inside? Well, they’re also amazingly roomy with a mesh zippered pocket inside for keeping smaller things secure. There are also compression straps for holding your clothing neatly in place. The set includes two checked suitcases and one that’s carry-on size.

$161 at Amazon

For around $160, you’re getting three top-notch suitcases — enough to cover a couple’s needs — that are guaranteed to hold up. In fact, they come with a two-year warranty in case they don’t.

“Took these bad boys on a two week trip to Spain over the summer. Rolled really well and held so much. They kept up nicely. I purchased the bright yellow so I could easily locate it in the airport. Not as big as the ones Tom Hanks has in Joe Vs. the Volcano, but still a great product,” joked a happy customer.

Grab this Coolife Luggage 3-Piece Set for 46% off now, then grab your passport and head somewhere exciting!

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