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Schwarzenegger’s son breaks Instagram with his muscles

    Joseph Baena shares with his father Arnold Schwarzenegger a passion for old-school bodybuilding and fitness and, at 25, he is one of our fitness benchmarks at Men’s Health. And his poses on Instagram, shirtless, and showing off his muscles, a good moment to check his physical evolution and muscular size. You never know, but it seems clear that reaching his father’s muscular level is complicated, but it’s never too late to compete in bodybuilding and start gaining kilos and more kilos of muscle. Time will tell… (The training of Joseph Baena, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger).

    Baena and the love handles

    “Trying to hide the love handles,” he comments in his latest post, joking that he’s not showing his obliques this time (Top 20 Oblique Exercises For Men). With a ripped physique that includes eight pack abs, the young Baena doesn’t have an ounce of fat and is seriously defined. With a more fitness body than a bodybuilder.

    A regular at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, in Los Angeles (California), during his workouts he is often seen exercising with fitness influencers and bodybuilders like Sergio Oliva Jr. (The abdominal vacuum of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son).


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