“Should Be Ashamed of Yourself”: Fitness Icon Joey Swoll Openly Calls Out TikToker for Trolling Old Man Working Out in the Gym

It is unsure how the trend of filming one’s workout at gyms started, but now many believe it should be banned. And bodybuilding influencer, Joey Swoll, is of the same opinion. While taking a video of themselves is fine, including other people in these videos without their consent is where the problem lies.

Recently, Swoll called out another young gym woman for making fun of an elderly man in one of her TikTok videos. Swoll seems frustrated by the woman’s antics and openly called her out on social media.

Joey Swoll demands an apology


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In one of his recent tweets, the famous influencer shared a video with the caption, “Making fun of an old man working out for likes and attention? Really? #MYOB” In the video, while the girl was filming herself at the gym, an elderly man in the background was trying to practice some kicks on a punching bag. Due to old age, his kicks were not strong or high enough, and hence, the girl zoomed in on him with a mocking voiceover that said, “What was that,” while making some weird expressions.

After watching TikTok, Swoll seems to be absolutely angered. He said, “So now we’re making fun of the way an elderly man works out? Really? You should be ashamed of yourself.” The ‘CEO of Gym Positivity’ further stated that this is one of the many reasons people are demanding to ban filming at the gym. He again addressed the woman and added, “So, this young woman, you owe that man an apology, and I really hope you are accountable enough to do so. Otherwise, your gym should kick your a** out. They need to do better. Mind your own business.”

Many in the comment section of the woman’s TikTok were also of the same opinion as Swoll and asked these ‘so-called’ gym influencers to leave others at the gym alone. Besides this, Swoll has been doing such reaction videos on his social media, where he requests people to stop worrying other people to work out in peace. In fact, he once also bashed out another fitness enthusiast for not allowing others to use a machine next to her.

Sharing is caring, even at the gym

In a video, YouTuber and fitness TikToker posted a video that went quite viral. In the video, Trin was working on a machine when another woman walked to her and asked if she could use the equipment beside the TikToker.


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Although Trin was not using the equipment, she claimed to be using the machine and sent away her fellow gym person. After seeing the video, Swoll called out the TikToker for treating the gym as her own place. The social media influencer also asked Trin to be more sensitive and kind towards other people, and her gym etiquette was questionable.


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Over the past few months, Swoll has started these “#MYOB” posts, where he shares his views on such videos and calls out people. While his fans and followers love and support the fitness influencer, do you also agree with Joey Swoll’s opinions?

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