“So Sorry to Hear That”: Bodybuilding World Heartbroken After a Millionaire Fitness Influencer’s Dog Is Going Through the Worst

Jeff Seid is an emerging name in American bodybuilding. He is also an entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, and a social media influencer. In 2013, 2014, and 2016 Seid competed in the Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique. Seid became the youngest IFBB Professional bodybuilder in America at the age of 19. However, his introduction is not limited to his accomplishments. Besides being a gym junkie and a millionaire, Seid is an avid dog lover too. In fact, he has a dog named Vexx.

Unfortunately, his dog suffered a spinal injury that paralyzed its back portion. Vexx’s situation devastated Seid. And recently, the bodybuilder took to his social media to talk about his dark times and how he overcame that phase. To this, many of his followers penned heartfelt condolences. Let’s dig deeper to learn what happened.

Seid has a long way to go with Vexx


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Jeff Seid is a very active member of social media. He frequently treats his fans to his latest updates related to fitness, modeling, and fun activities with his dog Vexx. But recently, Seid shared a video where he got emotional while talking about his beloved pet. The caption read, “Vexx’s recovery journey”, where the bodybuilder was holding his dog and revealed what they had been going through.


A couple of weeks ago they went on an evening walk and were playing with a ball. Just when Vexx tried to fetch the ball, he twisted back at a weird angle and injured his spine, and was completely paralyzed. In fact, Seid shared several videos where he was trying to move Vexx’s back with a rope. Seid had to call for a vet emergency to seek help. Fortunately, it was not a spinal stroke and after going through different medications and physiotherapy, finally, Vexx is now feeling well.

As Jeff said, “He’s definitely improving, but he has a long way to go”, it’s evident that it may take time, but his partner will be back to normal life soon. However, this video caught the attention of bodybuilding fans, and they who felt an emotional twinge learning about Seid’s experience and shared their concerns in the comment section.


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Bodybuilding world consoled Seid

Appreciating Seid’s effort one fan wrote, “Sheesh didn’t think this was possible, definitely watching out more how I play with the dog, sorry about your circumstances man prayers going out to vexx.” Wishing Vexx a “speedy recovery” another commented, “Come back bro, everyone is waiting for you.”

Seid’s fans got emotional as one penned, “I’m so sorry to hear that.” Fans couldn’t stop thanking Seid for not losing patience, “This is amazing man, I know families that don’t go to these lengths rehabbing human beings, as a fellow dog/animal lover……hats off for sure.”


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We all know dogs are man’s best friend, but Seid proved that sometimes we have to prove the same too. What do you think of their story?

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